Parasoft Extends Support for Testing Complex Web Services and Heterogeneous SOA Environments with SOA Test 4.1

Comprehensive solution helps enterprises develop secure, reliable Web services

September 13, 2005 -- Monrovia, Calif. -- Parasoft Corporation, a leading provider of automated software error prevention solutions, announced today the release of Parasoft SOA Test 4.1, its automated test and analysis product for Web services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementations. The new release extends support for the testing of complex Web services transactions and SOA implementations based on heterogeneous messaging and transport protocols. SOA Test allows users to verify all aspects of a Web service with one comprehensive, automated testing suite ensuring those services meet security, reliability, performance and reuse objectives.

Parasoft SOA Test 4.1 adds IBM MQ, TIBCO Rendezvous, and SMTP to the list of messaging and transport protocols it supports for testing and validating XML/SOAP transactions, extending its support for the testing of heterogeneous SOA environments. The release provides for the functional and load testing of Enterprise Java Beans (EJB's), allowing EJB's to be tested directly through their remote interfaces without having to go through Web or Web service interfaces. To better enable the configuration of test scenarios that map to complex use case requirements, SOA Test 4.1 provides support for "if/else" and "do while" logic flow within its auto-generated test suites and provides extended control of parameterization of test variables and reference data sources.

"As enterprises extend their implementations of Web services and SOA, their testing and validation of those services requires the ability to generate test scenarios that fully represent the complexity of the business transactions to be enacted by them and the heterogeneous infrastructures of messaging and transport protocols they will be based on. This is a major challenge," said Wayne Ariola, Vice President of Corporate Development at Parasoft. "We continue to extend the capabilities of SOA Test to provide organizations with the support and automation they need to validate their Web services for the security, reliability and performance that is required of them." accomplishes that goal, offering automated unit testing, penetration testing, scenario testing, load and performance testing, and regression testing to make sure each of the individual components of the Web service are operating the way you would expect."

SOA Test is an automated suite of test and analysis tools that provide organizations deploying Web services or SOAs with the means to ensure those deployments are secure, reliable and compliant. SOA Test provides a breadth of functionality including four-tier WSDL validation, unit and functional testing of the client, unit and functional testing of the server, performance testing, the graphical modeling and test of complex scenarios, penetration testing for security validation and full regression testing. SOA Test addresses key Web service issues such as interoperability, security, compliance, change management, and scalability.


SOA Test 4.1 is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux and Solaris. Pricing starts at $3,995.

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