Infravio X-Registry™ Platform 5 Delivers SOA Registry, Repository, Governance

New Infravio X-Registry maximizes IT, business agility

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- September 19, 2005 -- Infravio, Inc., a leading provider of SOA technologies, today announced the Infravio X-Registry™ Platform 5, the newest version of the company’s flagship product.

The Infravio X-Registry Platform consists of integrated registry, repository, and governance capabilities. These capabilities are enhanced by Infravio’s patent-pending Service Delivery Contracts™. This platform enables the delivery of software services, while insulating core IT services from fast-changing business requirements. These fast-changing elements are externalized as metadata policies and contracts, as well as business processes and reusable service interfaces.

“Changing IT systems can be time consuming, expensive, and risky,” said Miko Matsumura, vice president of marketing at Infravio. “The Infravio X-Registry Platform enables the SOA model of configurable metadata, composable processes, and customizable services, thus enabling agile and cost-effective response to changing business requirements.”

Infravio X-Registry Highlights

The Infravio X-Registry Platform includes integrated registry, repository, and governance capabilities to enable end-to-end service lifecycle governance. Governance, the implementation and enforcement of business policies, is an essential part of the SOA deployment model.

Design-time governance is predominantly an information technology function, and typically involves service verification, publication approval, provisioning, and testing for conformance and interoperability.

Run-time governance is an IT operations function and involves monitoring and managing services against service level agreements, managing alerts and notifications, and provisioning and scheduling resources for service delivery.

Change-time governance is a business function, and it involves managing relationships between providers and consumers, configuring service delivery contracts, managing service rollouts and service custody transfers. Contracts are enforced through service intermediaries, such as the Synapse project.

These roles and phases of the end-to-end SOA lifecycle represent the governance value of the Infravio X-Registry service platform.

Additional Highlights

The latest version of the Infravio X-Registry Platform features additional standards support and functionality, including:

  • UDDI V3: The Infravio X-Registry Platform’s full implementation of the UDDI V3 specification lets users publish, inquire, subscribe to, notify, and set policies on any service in a standards-based manner.

  • Powerful Role-based Access Control and JSR94 Rules Engine: Organizations, groups, and individuals are recognized and provided access to SOA data, based on rules-based policy enforcement.

  • Other Standards Support: Includes support for non-Web services assets, JAXR API support, improved approval processes, EBRS replication and synchronization, and enhanced WS-Security support.


Three different versions of the Infravio X-Registry Platform 5 are currently available from Infravio. The Infravio X-Registry Catalog Edition is a 30-day trial version. The Infravio X-Registry IT Governance Edition is designed for organizations primarily focused on internal-facing SOA deployments. The Infravio X-Registry Platform Partner Edition is designed for external partner, customer and supplier facing SOA deployments. For more information, please call 1.877.2INFRAV (1.877.246.3728), email, or visit

About Infravio, Inc.

Infravio, Inc. is a leading provider of SOA technologies based on open software and standards. For more information, please call 1.408.861.3000, e-mail, or visit


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