Datallegro Announces New Encryption Technology

Data warehouse appliances enhanced to encrypt data without impacting performance

Sea Island, GA -- September 20, 2005 -- DATAllegro today announced two new versions of its data warehouse appliances that include the ability to encrypt data. DATAllegro C25e(TM) and DATAllegro P3e(TM) include new encryption technology and are based on DATAllegro's C25(TM) and P3(TM) appliances. The new products are priced at $900,000 each.

Growing data theft, particularly in the finance and insurance industries, has led to the introduction of new standards and legislation that require companies to encrypt data being accessed or held in a database or data warehouse. Most data warehouse technology available today does not support encryption because it would significantly impact performance. Those that do support encryption cost upwards of a million dollars per terabyte. DATAllegro's unique patent -pending architecture enables it to add the encryption capability at a reasonable cost without significantly impacting performance.

"After talking with a large number of companies using data warehouse technology, it was clear that encryption was a rapidly growing concern," said Stuart Frost, CEO of DATAllegro. "Our patent-pending architecture enables us to offer data warehouse encryption at an affordable price without impacting performance. This will greatly help these companies protect themselves and their customers."

Dan Merriman, President of Chapin Consulting Group, Inc., states that "the significant improvements that are being made in analytics price/performance will be a powerful source of business value and competitive differentiation for companies that take advantage of them. However, many of the most important analytic applications require a high degree of security. By incorporating encryption capability directly into its appliances, DATAllegro has helped bring greatly improved price/performance to secure analytic solutions."

Customers can now choose from the following DATAllegro products:

  • DATAllegro P3: high-performance data warehouse appliance with 3 TB capacity and table scanning speed of one TB per minute ($450,000)

  • DATAllegro P3e: high-performance data warehouse appliance with encryption technology, 3 TB capacity and table scanning speed of one TB per minute ($900,000)

  • DATAllegro C25: high-capacity data warehouse appliance with 25 TB capacity ($450,000)

  • DATAllegro C25e: high-capacity data warehouse appliance with encryption technology, 25 TB capacity ($900,000)

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