Attunity Releases a Comprehensive, Strategic Change Data Capture Platform

Attunity’s innovative STREAM solution, based on its Binary XML technology, delivers 500% increase in Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) efficiency allowing ETL environments to “breathe easier”

Burlington, MA, September 27, 2005 — Attunity, Ltd. announced today the release of its Attunity Integration Suite (AIS) version 4.8, with significant enhancements to the Attunity STREAM software.

Many companies are facing the pain of dealing with "batch windows" and the exponential growth in data volumes. At the same time, users are demanding access to fresh data, and enterprises are finding that traditional data integration methodologies and tools do not provide an adequate solution.

Attunity’s new release provides a comprehensive, strategic platform for Change Data Capture (CDC) as a foundation for efficient and real-time data integration. The software will be generally available starting September 30, 2005.

Change Data Capture is an innovative approach to real-time data integration that enables the processing of changes to enterprise data sources. With STREAM, organizations can eliminate batch windows and increase the efficiency of ETL processing, reduce latency in delivering critical business information, reduce costs and increase the ROI on existing and new data warehousing and business intelligence investments.

“As a company, we have standardized on Attunity’s integration platform and realized considerable ROI, especially with the CDC solution, which has allowed us to considerably reduce our batch windows as well as CPU resource consumption by leveraging the higher performance and throughput and off loading processing from our mainframe, while updating our Oracle and SQL Server databases, all with a single solution,” stated Hossein Fallahzadeh, director of business intelligence, JM Family, a $7.8 billion automotive company in Florida, and a long time user of Attunity’s integration platform. “Moving forward, we will be leveraging more of the CDC platform capabilities, as well as the data federation solution, to become more efficient and responsive to our customers and business users.”

"Change Data Capture is the next logical step for every data integration and ETL implementation, as it makes the process more efficient and enables data to move in real-time," said Eric Hunley, director product management for data integration at SAS. "We've recently validated the new Attunity Stream version 4.8 with the SAS Data Integration and ETL products and have been able to see the value of its new architecture, enhanced performance and ease of use. Customers can now benefit from a complete solution based on SAS and Attunity products."

As a strategic real-time Change Data Capture platform, version 4.8 delivers:

  • A single solution supporting CDC for many enterprise data sources, including VSAM, IMS, Adabase, DB2, Oracle and HP NonStop, AS/400, UNIX, and Windows

  • Open and standard CDC interfaces, supporting many initiatives and tools

  • High performance and efficiency with non-intrusive agents that capture data source changes, and optimized network transport based on binary-XML technology and optimized change streaming architecture that stores and delivers changes with near-zero overhead

“There is no question that the data integration market is not only growing, but demanding more robust technologies and solutions to be able to handle the increasing volumes of data and the variety of standards that are being adopted, such as Web services, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), XML messaging and others,” commented Ted Friedman, research vice president, Gartner. “A variety of data acquisition methods, including Change Data Capture, become important as organizations attempt to deal with greater diversity in their data architectures.”

“With version 4.8, Attunity STREAM is addressing some of the most critical and difficult data integration challenges to overcome, that of batch windows and the growing volumes of data. This release offers an innovative, robust and proven solution that solves these challenges and works seamlessly with ETL, EAI and EII tools. It can be deployed within days and deliver immediate savings and returns.” said Itamar Ankorion, director of product management, Attunity.

About Attunity

Attunity is a provider of strategic, enterprise-wide information and data integration solutions that simplify the on-demand access, integration, delivery and usage of enterprise information.

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