Relativity Technologies Delivers SOA-Enablement Software for Mainframe Applications

Software-powered solution allows system integrators and IT to accelerate SOA initiatives

Raleigh, NC -- September 27, 2005 -- Leading businesses are increasingly recognizing that the adaptable Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) model, which has succeeded for distributed environments, should also be applied to the mainframe. However, for most businesses the challenge is where to start and how to implement SOA for their existing mainframe applications.

"Mainframe applications represent substantial business value -- value that is often compromised by the inherent size and inflexibility of the applications themselves," said Dale Vecchio, vice president with Gartner, Inc. "While this value can be extended and used in new development in tactical ways, long-term investment in these requires the identification, restructuring, and decomposition of business processes into reusable components or independent Web services."

To address this need Relativity has released a software-powered solution that provides a roadmap and the automated ability to restructure mainframe applications for SOA-enablement. Through this solution, organizations gain:

  • Roadmap to SOA Enablement. This industry-first, software-led analysis creates rich insight and understanding of clients' targeted applications. By combining deep inter- and intra-program analysis with detailed recommendations for remediation, organizations can identify and eliminate roadblocks to SOA-enablement that exist within their applications.

  • Reusable Services/Business Processes. Relativity's analysis software can be focused on specific business processes to determine how the application code should be restructured in order to expose critical functionality as flexible, reusable services. Doing so ensures the correct level of granularity and reduces the risks that may arise through SOA enablement.

  • Automated Solution for Remediations. Going beyond recommendations, Relativity's technology accelerates code simplification and automates the componentization of business processes into modular elements that can be reused throughout the application portfolio and exposed as Web services.

"Relativity continues to impress us with the ability of its technology to deeply assess and refactor our enterprise COBOL applications," said Mike Kronenwetter, VP of technology management at Highmark, Inc., Pennsylvania's leading health insurer. "The new SOA offering is a natural extension of their product suite and we are looking forward to exercising it in support of our SOA initiative. Their track record of success is why we are excited about the possibilities with this new technology."

"The ability to decompose applications into finely-grained business processes that can be exposed as Web services is of strategic importance to Wachovia," said Allan Shub, vice president with Wachovia Bank. "Relativity's automated capacity to analyze, identify, and componentize these processes -- combined with its track record of success at Wachovia -- is why we are very excited about this new technology offer."

The Relativity solution is available to end-customers and through leading system integrators. The SOA Start Point package for system integrator partners is priced starting at $15,000 and includes:

  • Licenses for the SOA assessment technology of the Modernization Workbench

  • Training and mentoring to accelerate the delivery of SOA assessments and refactoring

  • Joint sales and market development, including participation in the SOA Start Point partner program

"This SOA solution helps both end customers and system integrators accelerate the SOA-enablement of critical business processes," said Steve Maysonave, chairman, president, and CEO of Relativity Technologies. "Relativity provides a true starting point and automated execution path for organizations that want to leverage the investment made in their enterprise applications and business processes. Our packaged solution for system integrators includes the most cost-effective, functionally rich software available for assessing and SOA-enabling mainframe applications."


About Relativity Technologies, Inc.

Relativity's software solutions drive down the cost and accelerate the understanding, modernization, management, and maintenance of enterprise applications. With the Modernization Workbench(r) organizations can address critical business challenges such as outsourcing management, risk reduction, and regulatory compliance, while embracing On Demand and SOA initiatives. For more information, please visit

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