iLumin’s Assentor File-System Manager Provides Information Lifecycle Management Beyond E-mail and Instant Messaging

New module manages file server storage, aids compliance and productivity, and maximizes storage resources

Reston, VA -- October 3, 2005 -- iLumin Software Services, Inc., a leading provider of information lifecycle management (ILM) solutions that turn e-mail and electronic content into true corporate assets, today announced the latest addition to the Assentor suite -- Assentor File System Manager (AFSM). Through automated data-management and storage-resource utilization, organizations can now maximize file-system storage investments and improve operational efficiencies. Combining Assentor File System Manager with other Assentor modules that provide e-mail management allows firms to more effectively store and access their business-critical information.

AFSM extends iLumin’s ILM functionality to provide management of unstructured data stored on all major file systems including Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and Netware, among others. AFSM delivers file classification, storage resource management, and data migration tools that work seamlessly with the customer’s infrastructure -- all without deploying server agents. AFSM classifies files based on frequency of access, the file types, location, and other criteria. Also included are comprehensive reporting tools that analyze and report on storage utilization. Based on the administrator’s classification criteria (age, type, owner, path, size, etc.), AFSM automatically stores or copies files to the appropriate storage media. This enables firms to create more aggressive policies to fully realize ILM benefits.

Other benefits of AFSM include:

  • Automated data management actions: drive file movement, copy, and deletion actions across multiple systems based on established classifications and policies.

  • Tiered-storage management: automatically migrate data from primary storage to secondary or tertiary storage while maintaining transparent end-user access.

  • Storage consolidation: automate storage consolidation from initial planning to transparent migration of end user files and directories.

  • Policy simulation: enable administrators to simulate data management policies before actual execution in order to better understand their scope and effectiveness.

“iLumin is a market leader that continues to offer mail storage-management products, so the introduction of Assentor File System Manager was a natural progression for the company,” said Brian Babineau, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “The Assentor suite of products is now an ideal solution for enterprises that are looking to meet compliance, retention, and storage requirements for both e-mail and other file types.”

As the value of corporate file-system data changes throughout its lifecycle, the cost and complexity of managing that data can become overwhelming. Electronic data must be kept for longer periods of time, with new and expanding standards for accessibility and management, Assentor customers’ benefit from the solution’s interoperability with a wide variety of storage and software vendors. For example, companies deploying information lifecycle solutions can integrate Assentor with storage products from EMC, IBM, NetApp, and Sun, among others.

“More and more, companies are investigating software that manages the lifecycle unstructured data so that it best utilizes enterprise storage resources,” said Mike Gundling, senior vice president of product management at iLumin. “Companies can now rely on Assentor’s strong policy-based approach to govern the ILM process for many file types, in addition to e-mail and IM, while monitoring end user access to the firm’s most critical data.”


Assentor File System Manager is now generally available.

About iLumin

iLumin is a leading provider of information lifecycle management (ILM) solutions that turn enterprise content into true corporate assets. iLumin’s Assentor Enterprise is a powerful e-mail and file system archiving and records management solution that maximizes the business value and lowers the total cost of ownership for these corporate repositories. Assentor Enterprise provides archiving, records management, storage management, electronic discovery, compliance, and supervision solutions.

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