Opalis Software Introduces Breakthrough in Data Center Automation with Opalis Integration Server 5.0

Opalis extends lead in data-center automation market

Toronto, Canada -- October 17, 2005 -- Opalis Software, Inc., a provider of integration software that enables enterprises to achieve the automated data center, today announced Opalis Integration Server 5.0. The latest version of Opalis’ platform includes enhancements to help customers reduce operating costs and improve performance and availability. By providing integration between server components and leading systems management tools such as service desk and monitoring tools, Opalis Integration Server 5.0 provides a simple, fast, and effective way to integrate and automate data center operations.

CIOs and IT managers today are mandated with lowering operating costs and increasing service per dollar. With Opalis Integration Server 5.0, enterprises can maximize investments in existing IT management solutions by automating their time-consuming and repetitive manual processes in order to free up IT staff resources and focus on higher value projects. Once deployed, Opalis responds to issues automatically and consistently, thus reducing the possibility of outages while improving response time.

“As organizations analyze the payback from their IT spending, it’s important that they focus on service improvement,” said Andi Mann, senior analyst for Enterprise Management Associates. “Much of the average IT budget is spent on ongoing operations and maintenance. Repetitive, day-to-day tasks represent a significant part of that budget. Opalis’ technology automates and integrates these processes, and should help organizations not only decrease operational costs, but also improve performance and availability.”

Opalis Integration Server 5.0 -- Integrated Data Center Operations; Simple, Fast, and Effective

Most enterprises have invested heavily in systems management and monitoring solutions. Opalis Integration Server 5.0 lets IT organizations document and automate procedures without re-engineering existing processes or requiring new tools.

Unlike traditional solutions, the new Opalis platform allows IT staff to automate processes without scripting or the need for professional services. The automation process design can be set up in mere minutes, and within hours organizations can have a working prototype.

With a comprehensive set of integration points to all data center tools and infrastructure, Opalis Integration Server 5.0 allows businesses to streamline processes in a simple, fast, and effective way. Highlighted features include:

  • New Integration Packs: New integration packs offer a pre-defined set of objects for operating monitoring applications, service desk applications, data protection, and provisioning solutions currently found in the data center. New packs provided for Version 5.0 include BMC Patrol, EMC SMARTS InCharge, HP Service Desk, and VMware VirtualCenter.

  • New Multi-tier, Grid Architecture: New granular components of the Opalis 5.0 platform allow for more flexible implementations, complete and scalable failover, and automatic load balancing to meet the needs of enterprise data centers.

  • Completely GUI Driven (No Scripting): The 100-percent GUI-driven approach offers “fill in the blanks” capabilities for easy definition of data center policy. The product offers a rich set of management functions for integrating management tools and processes without the need for programming.

  • Web-based Reports and Dashboards: New Web-based report and dashboard capabilities provide a rich set of forecasting and historical reports, in addition to a real-time view of automated processes. All reports can be filtered and fully customized.

Pricing and Availability

Opalis Integration Server 5.0 pricing starts in the $50,000-$100,000 range and will be generally available in November 2005. For further information on pricing and availability, please contact Opalis Software at http://www.opalis.com

About Opalis Software, Inc.

Opalis Software, Inc. provides integration software that enables enterprises to achieve the automated data center. With Opalis, companies can connect disparate environments and automate routine processes in a way that’s simple, fast, and effective. For more information, please visit http://www.opalis.com

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