Availl Debuts Continuous Data Protection Software for Remote Offices

Availl Backup 3.0 adds hot database backup, automated failback; WAFS optimization features widen the appeal of CDP for major distributed enterprises

ANDOVER, MA. -- October 24, 2005 -- Availl Inc., a leading provider of real-time data and storage software, debuted new continuous data protection (CDP) software for Windows servers. Availl Backup 3.0 is a new version of Availl’s continuous tapeless backup solution that applies key elements of the company’s Wide Area File Services (WAFS) technology to the continuous backup demands of servers -- both local and remote. New features in the product expand the appeal of CDP solutions to a wider variety of enterprise-class settings. These features include the ability to failback to the original server once it is operational with all data changes automatically up to date, and specific optimization for both data files and on-line databases all in the same product.

With an estimated 75 percent of information assets stored outside the corporate data center, solutions for backing up distributed and remote servers are in high demand. However most CDP solutions are inappropriate for WAN environments, where there is limited IT staff, high-cost WAN lines, or other limited connectivity, and long geographic distances that slow backup performance.

Availl Backup allows corporate IT staffs to continuously backup rapidly changing file servers and always-on databases at remote locations, then consolidate many site backups to one location. Availl’s continuous backup eliminates the backup window and provides the instant restore performance of disk-based recovery. The product eliminates the bandwidth and handles WAN latency at any distance. It also ensures that if a failover is needed, the process to move users back to the primary system is not cumbersome.

Using Availl, IT staffs gain efficiency and time-savings even across vast geographic distances -- consolidating data from multiple sites to a central location swiftly and automatically. They can backup both local and remote servers with no end user or application impact, and continually safeguard data while gaining the benefits of automatic failover in real-time.

The product employs Availl’s patent pending WAFS approaches to continuous database backup. Availl’s software sends only the compressed, byte-level, and transaction differences over the WAN to the backup location as files change, eliminating 95 percent or more of the bandwidth.

Big Gain, Little Backup Pain at Big Joe

“Our engineers are frequently asking me to restore previous versions of projects and CAD files,” said Andrew Zuhlke, network administrator for Big Joe Manufacturing, one of the leading makers of lift trucks. “This was not always possible with tape backup since a file can change numerous times in one day. With Availl I can restore any revision of a file in literally seconds. Availl’s software installed quickly, has required virtually no maintenance, and is way faster than tape.” Zuhlke said. “With Availl our backup strategy is complete.”

What’s New in Availl Backup 3.0

Availl Backup 3.0 gives new capabilities for backing Windows servers with any amount of data, and any data type in real-time. With the new version, IT staffs gain:

  • Unified Support for both on-line databases and data files. IT staffs gain comprehensive continuous backup features optimized differently for databases and data files in the same software-only product.

  • Hot database backup. Databases that requires an “always-on” architecture now have constant backup as the database changes– with no snapshot window and no performance impact.

  • Automatic failback. If there’s an outage, Availl will transparently failover users to any secondary system. Once the primary is operational again, all changes made on the failover machine will immediately update to the primary server, ready for use upon failback to the primary system again.

  • WAN optimization. By transferring only byte-level differences, compressed, as files change or transactions occur, Availl eliminates 95 percent of bandwidth and more. In addition, network outages cause no disruptions or performance impact, and there is never a system “rescan”.

  • Unlimited number of past versions, deleted files, and point in time snapshots. IT staffs get the instant restore performance of disk-based backup, and can decide how much backup they need. Availl easily performs Web-browser restores, direct disk restore, or transparent online restore over the WAN.

As a software-only product, Availl Backup 3.0 allows new deployments in under 10 minutes. Needs no costly appliance or hardware resources, and lets IT add new servers to the system in minutes.

Pricing and Availability

Availl Backup 3.0 is available now and is sold directly by Availl and resellers. It is priced starting at $995. Trial downloads are available at http://www.availl.com

About Availl

Availl provides Wide Area File System (WAFS) solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Availl’s technology ensures that files exist in many remote locations simultaneously, and in complete synchronization, no matter where changes are made. Availl’s products are built on unique real-time technology for efficient remote multi-directional mirroring performance, rapid data caching, and extreme data reduction, with complete real-time file coherence between remote sites. It creates a unified file system via LAN, VPN, or Web (crossing firewalls). Availl also provides solutions for continuous data protection and database backup. For more information, please visit http://www.availl.com.

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