Kashya Delivers Continuous Data Protection Integration for Enterprise Databases

KBX5000 CDP enhancements provide integrated application-aware recovery for Oracle and SQL database environments

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- October 25, 2005 -- Kashya, a leading supplier of data protection solutions for disaster recovery and business continuity, announced today the availability of its KBX5000 CDP appliance fully integrated with Oracle and SQL databases. These enhanced capabilities, which include application-aware I/O bookmarks for Oracle and VSS integration for SQL environments, enable instantaneous recovery of mission-critical applications, automatically mapping application events to specific points in time from both local and remote locations.

The intelligent I/O bookmarks introduced on the Kashya KBX5000 CDP uniquely enable administrators to protect critical data by automatically tagging database transaction activity within the CDP history volume. These I/O-based bookmarks correlate specific application events to points in time, which can be used by the administrator to dynamically recover databases in response to any type of corruption or failure.

Additionally, Kashya has announced support for Microsoft’s Volume Shadowcopy Service (VSS) for SQL and Exchange environments, enabling I/O bookmarks to automatically be mapped to points in time within the CDP history volumes. Because the KBX5000 combines these advanced capabilities with Kashya’s best-in-class data compression and replication technology, the KBX5000 is the only solution to provide continuous data protection at both local and remote locations.

“For administrators requiring optimal recovery points based on specific application events or points in time, the KBX5000 CDP is the only platform to deliver this capability at local and remote locations,” said Rick Walsworth, Kashya’s vice president of marketing. “By integrating Kashya’s best-in-class data protection capabilities with the industry’s leading database platforms, mission-critical information is always protected across any storage platform, effectively eliminating the need for a variety of products attempting, but falling short of achieving, the same result.”

Kashya’s integration with Oracle, supporting intelligent I/O bookmarks, and the VSS integration for Microsoft Exchange and SQL environments are available with the KBX5000 CDP, offering the industry’s most flexible, comprehensive suite of disaster recovery and business continuity solutions in the industry. For additional information and best practices regarding the KBX5000 suite of data protection solutions, visit the company’s Web site at http://www.kashya.com.

About Kashya

Kashya reduces the cost and the complexity of data protection. Using unique technologies and an innovative approach, Kashya solutions cost-effectively solve many data protection challenges for organizations with heterogeneous server and storage infrastructures. For more information, visit Kashya at http://www.kashya.com or call 1.866.KASHYA1.

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