NetEx Unveils Hypershield System for Fast, Encrypted Data Replication

Accelerates and Protects Replicated Data on the WAN

MINNEAPOLIS, October 31, 2005 -- NetEx, a worldwide leader in high-performance data transport solutions, today announced HyperShield, an affordable replication "Data in Motion" system for use with existing IP networks that moves and encrypts data over the WAN at up to OC12 speeds.

HyperShield is the industry’s only secure migration optimizer dedicated to accelerating and protecting industry-leading replication applications from EMC, NetApp, Symantec, Oracle, and others. By joining forces with CipherOptics, NetEx now provides high-performance data-encryption capability along with its patent-pending acceleration technology to create a truly unique system. The combined offering delivers both data replication acceleration and data encryption, which significantly minimizes the time required to replicate (or move) large amounts of information securely between corporate data centers. NetEx’s HyperIP and CipherOptics’ family of data protection gateways are based on native Gigabit Ethernet and IP, eliminating the complexity and expense of FC over IP WAN technologies, while providing significantly higher performance.

Said Robert MacIntyre, vice president business of development and marketing at NetEx, “Combined with CipherOptics, the HyperShield system provides Pentagon-class security with the world’s highest performance replication optimization platform to deliver a solid compliance system for remote data replication. It delivers improved performance and security for business continuity and disaster recovery applications to meet today’s data throughput requirements without having to purchase additional bandwidth and equipment associated with other non-enhanced solutions.”

“Our customers are turning more and more to high-performance data replication for business continuity and disaster recovery, not to mention regulatory compliance,” said Ron Wills, president and CEO, CipherOptics. “By combining acceleration and security into a streamlined system, CipherOptics and NetEx are making it easier for organizations to securely replicate their data, without sacrificing performance or cost effectiveness.”

NetEx’s HyperShield system provides the following benefits to industry-leading remote data replication applications:

  • 3X to 10X increase in effective data throughput

  • Reduces bandwidth requirements from 60 to 90 percent

  • Full Ethernet wire-rate data encryption performance

  • Eliminates network latency for supporting secure data replication applications

  • Conditions the WAN and shields the application from network disruptions

  • Offloads WAN management from the application server or storage controller

  • Rate Control (QoS) features to protect and enable bandwidth sharing

  • Application aggregation to assist with implementing ILM strategies

  • Enables consistent and predictable performance for replication applications

  • Makes BC / DR affordable for both the mid-tier and enterprise organizations

NetEx’s HyperShield system brings the most complete suite of tested, qualified, and vendor-approved data replication applications in the industry. HyperIP and CipherOptics data protection gateways ensure that secure data replication applications are consistently completed on time between distributed servers and/or storage controllers for security-compliant disaster recovery applications. No other IP-based data replication system offers comparable application performance, bandwidth conservation, and end-to-end throughput than HyperIP and the CipherOptics gateways. For enterprises choosing iSCSI or TCP-based remote applications, HyperIP and CipherOptics gateways benefit these applications by accelerating and protecting data replication over any distance, improving link utilization and shielding the application against the negative effects of packet loss.

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