Compuware Accelerates Development, Improves Application Quality with Updated DevPartner Products for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Compuware DevPartner Studio 8.0 and Fault Simulator 1.5 introduce new performance expert feature and code-coverage capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO -- November 7, 2005 -- Compuware Corporation today announced new versions of two of its DevPartner products, Compuware DevPartner Studio 8.0 and Compuware DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5. These new releases offer full integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, enabling development teams to find and fix defects early in the life cycle, institutionalize best practices for improved quality, and maximize developer productivity through expert development advice.

DevPartner Studio 8.0 now offers full integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, helping developers build reliable, high-performance applications, components, and Web services. Also new in DevPartner Studio 8.0 is Performance Expert, which adds a new dimension to DevPartner's performance analysis capabilities by providing developers with a more holistic view of application performance, greatly enhancing their ability to locate, diagnose, and correct performance issues for applications that are not CPU-bound.

DevPartner Studio 8.0 also includes the new DevPartner Fault Simulator SE, which provides fault-simulation capabilities that make debugging error-handling code a simple extension to the developer's current debugging technique. DevPartner also includes a new tool that allows developers to compare system-level settings of an application over time, to pinpoint defects due to settings. DevPartner also includes a new data-export facility that allows users to save detailed performance and coverage data in XML format, which can be accessed and used by a variety of tools outside of DevPartner Studio.

Compuware DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5

Compuware's powerful testing tool, DevPartner Fault Simulator, enables developers to quickly locate software defects in error-handling code by simulating errors and monitoring the response in both .NET Framework-based and native Windows applications. Because it simulates errors, DevPartner Fault Simulator does not interfere with the developer's debugging tools, and facilitates quick resolution of defects. In addition, QA engineers can simulate real-world production failure scenarios and then provide results to developers for diagnosis. DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5 now includes integration with the code-coverage analysis tool in DevPartner Studio, enabling metrics that ensure new error handlers are tested as they are added to the application.

DevPartner Studio 8.0 and DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5 are just the first of many Compuware products planned to support Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Team System. During the launch event for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Compuware will demonstrate the integration of Compuware TestPartner's functional and regression testing capabilities into Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System. This integration enables developers and testers to work collaboratively to resolve software defects early in the software life cycle, reducing software development costs while improving application quality. The next version of TestPartner is scheduled to launch in Spring 2006. In early 2006, Compuware also will release the next version of its security analysis tool, DevPartner SecurityChecker, which will support and integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

DevPartner Studio 8.0 Professional Edition and Fault Simulator 1.5 will be generally available on November 14, 2005. DevPartner 8.0 will be available at a U.S. list price of $2,300 per seat. DevPartner Fault Simulator 1.5 will be available at a U.S. list price of $6,000 per concurrent user. Volume discounts are available for both products.

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