ETI Provides High-Performance Loading to SSIS from Legacy and Mainframe Sources

Evolutionary Technologies Announces ETI Data System Library for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Austin, Texas, November 7, 2005 – Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc. (ETI), a leading provider of enterprise data-integration solutions, today announced a new release of its ETI Data System Library for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 that enables efficient loading of data from legacy sources into SQL Server 2005 Integration Services.

Business intelligence solutions require gathering and analyzing large amounts of data which are often stored in legacy or mainframe systems, and implementing high-performance data interfaces for extracting this data is challenging. With SQL Server 2005, Microsoft provides comprehensive integration, analysis, and reporting capabilities while ETI provides the connectivity to mainframe and legacy sources. ETI and Microsoft work together to provide customers with a means of quickly implementing enterprise-wide BI solutions that provide the fast results required by agile companies.

"ETI Solution Version 5 is an efficient and fast way to obtain data out of a non-Microsoft based environment and into SQL Server 2005," said Donald Farmer, group program manager of SQL Server Integration Services at Microsoft Corp. "ETI Solution also removes the requirement to land the data prior to reading it into Integration Services.”

“Customers will benefit from the ability to rapidly develop custom data interfaces that connect with Integration Services,” said David Marshall, ETI’s chief technology officer.

ETI Solution® Version 5, based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, is a collaborative development environment that automates the creation and maintenance of data interfaces by utilizing native data access for extremely efficient data processing. These interfaces can be deployed as fully integrated Integration Services data flow source adapters and require no ETI-specific knowledge, providing a legacy data interface for the business intelligence user that is easy to deploy and use.

This DSL is the second product in a series of planned releases in support of SQL Server 2005. For more information about ETI products, please visit

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