Similarity Systems Announces ATHANOR 3.0 Data-Quality Suite

London UK, November 7 2005 -- Similarity Systems unveiled the latest release of its leading business-focused data-quality platform, ATHANOR 3.0, today. ATHANOR 3.0 includes support for services oriented architecture (SOA) and adds a new product, ATHANOR Server™, to the suite. ATHANOR Server supports enterprise-wide data-quality design, deployment, and ongoing management. ATHANOR 3.0 also represents an important step in the further integration of Similarity Systems’ data profiling and discovery product, AXIO™ 5.0, into its data quality solution set.

ATHANOR 3.0 is a robust client-server data-quality platform that enables large organizations to design, deploy, and manage distributed data-quality solutions based on centrally-controlled data-quality standards. It supports multiple users working in a collaborative environment and leverages hardware resources across the network to deal with large data sets and complex data-quality requirements.

The Similarity Systems ATHANOR 3.0 Data Quality management platform consists of four integrated products: ATHANOR Designer, ATHANOR Server, ATHANOR Runtime, and ATHANOR RealtimeSDK, and a comprehensive library of reference data and content. Each product provides all the key functions necessary for deploying business-focused data quality rules and processes: data analysis, cleansing/standardization, matching, consolidation/survivorship, and reporting and monitoring. All ATHANOR products share an integrated repository that enables management, control, and reuse of data-quality rules and reference data.

ATHANOR is the only data-quality product that truly enables business knowledge workers to take control of enterprise-wide data enhancement and cleansing initiatives. ATHANOR facilitates the deployment of data quality programs by way of standard methodologies, including Similarity Systems’ own Data Quality Management Process.

ATHANOR 3.0 introduces a new architecture that supports SOA. As organizations strive to build loosely coupled systems based on SOA principles, data quality is an essential ingredient in the data-services infrastructure. SOA-based data-quality services eliminate widespread data redundancies to ensure the consistency of key master data to support enterprise-data-sharing objectives.

ATHANOR 3.0 works with all data types, including customer, financial, inventory, and materials data -- and is not limited to name and address cleansing. The solution also incorporates Unicode, enabling the data-quality suite to work with Latin and non-Latin character sets such as Russian, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese.

About Similarity Systems

Similarity Systems ( is a leading provider of business-focused data-quality-management solutions. Our flagship products Similarity Systems AXIO™ and ATHANOR™ provide all the functionality needed to initiate and manage enterprise-wide data-quality programs, from profiling and analysis of multiple data sources through to cleansing, de-duplication, and consolidation.

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