iAnywhere Launches Advantage Database Server 8.0

Advantage Database Server 8.0 features new data architect, replication, online backup, and SQL scripting.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA.-- Nov. 8, 2005 -- iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., today announced that it is strengthening its database management portfolio with the release of Advantage Database Server 8.0. Advantage Database Server is a full-featured, high- performance, client/server data management system targeted towards Borland Delphi and C++ Builder developers. The new features in Advantage Data Architect, Advantage Replication, Advantage Online Backup and SQL scripting will enhance Advantage Database Server 8.0 with ease-of-use, performance and efficiency. To see Advantage Database Server 8.0, please visit booth number 3-4.

The Advantage Database Server was recently acquired by Sybase through its purchase of Extended Systems in October 2005. The business has since been integrated into Sybase’s iAnywhere subsidiary.

Advantage 8.0 provides developers with the functionality they require to easily build scalable business applications with low administration requirements. Major new features include a newly designed Advantage Data Architect, replication support, online backup functionality, and the addition of SQL scripting. These enhancements provide developers with the most robust, best performing, and comprehensive version of Advantage Database Server to date.

New Features of Advantage Database Server 8.0

  • Advantage Data Architect 8.0 includes a redesigned graphical interface with more efficient workflow to make application design and development faster and dramatically increase developer productivity.

  • Advantage Replication allows easy distribution and replication of data changes across multiple servers. Advantage Replication is based on an asynchronous push model to minimize the performance impact on applications and the latency in delivering updates to target databases.

  • Advantage Online Backup provides the ability to efficiently create a “hot” backup of a database, which is a snapshot of the data at a specific time, even if other users are currently using and modifying the database. Full and differential backups can be created, providing a structurally identical backup image of the database for later usage or disaster recovery.

  • Advantage 8.0 includes an ANSI SQL PSM 2003 standard scripting language in the Advantage SQL engine. This allows developers to easily create powerful triggers, stored procedures, and perform other common database tasks.

Advantage 8.0 Pricing and Availability

Prices range from $645 for a 5-user license to $7870 for an unlimited user license. All pricing is for U.S. versions. Previously purchased versions of Advantage Database can be upgraded for a percentage of the full product cost. Please call (800) 235-7576 ext, 5030 or visit http://www.AdvantageDatabase.com for further information.

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