Data Validation Web Services Introduced in C4DQ Certify 3.0 Web Services Edition

Organizations achieve improvements in quality using automated, in-line data validation in a service-oriented architecture

LEESBURG, VA -- November 29, 2005 -- The Center for Data Quality, Inc. (C4DQ), a provider of data quality management software and services, today announced the availability of data validation Web services in its newest version of C4DQ Certify® software. Using C4DQ Certify 3.0 Web Services Edition, organizations can automatically validate, certify, and monitor the quality of data with an in-line Web service that operates as a seamless process with other applications, components, and integration services.

C4DQ Certify is a Web-based framework for creating, storing, and performing rules-driven tests for data quality. The software audits, certifies, and monitors the quality of data to ensure its validity, consistency, completeness, structural integrity, and business-rule integrity. The software can be used during data migration projects, regulatory audits, as an in-line data validation Web service, or serve as the hub of an enterprise-wide data quality management program.

C4DQ Certify 3.0 Web Services Edition can be triggered by another application or event -- such as a data extraction, transformation, or integration process -- and automatically run a series of pre-configured data validations. Once the validations are complete, the software can activate one or more processes, such as a stored procedure, e-mail notification, warning, or data load.

According to Ted Friedman, research vice president at Gartner, Inc., “Although promising as a new method for building applications, SOA (service-oriented architectures) will fail if long-standing data quality, data redundancy, and semantic inconsistency issues are not addressed. Unless organizations take a disciplined approach toward enterprise-wide information management, the SOA method of development may become fraught with highly redundant and inconsistent data stores and data integration applications.”

C4DQ Certify 3.0 Web Services Edition is available immediately.

About The Center for Data Quality

The Center for Data Quality, Inc. (C4DQ) helps commercial businesses and government agencies realize value and savings through data quality management. The company provides C4DQ Certify software, data quality analysis methodology, and professional services to help organizations establish systematic programs of data quality improvement and certification. More information about C4DQ is available at

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