Cybermation Enhances Cybermation ESP 5 Scheduling Platform

Integrated platform provides extensive real-time capabilities and meets IT workload automation and enterprise job scheduling needs

December 6, 2005 -- Cybermation today announced the latest release of the Company's newly branded flagship solution Cybermation ESP 5. With Cybermation ESP 5, companies can now leverage multiple products from one platform, increase performance and save valuable time and money. Moreover, Cybermation ESP 5 continues to break new ground by managing dependencies across applications and infrastructure platforms in order to meet all IT Workload Automation and Enterprise Job Scheduling needs.

This new platform enables the real-time enterprise by modernizing IT infrastructures with a cross-platform event-based enterprise job scheduling solution. Cybermation ESP 5 offers even more event triggers and run-time alarms to its event-based architecture, deepens its system and database integration capabilities with native database support for Oracle dB2 and Microsoft SQL Server, and supports Open Standards with its Eclipse-based desktop client.

"Today's job scheduling solutions have evolved to help create more efficient and effective organizations," said Milind Govekar, research vice president at Gartner. "There is an emergence of new technologies such as IT Workload Automation Brokers as well as improved visibility of real-time infrastructure (RTI) solutions. It is important for organizations to plan the evolution of their technology in line with these opportunities to get the benefit of lowering costs and improving service availability."

Cybermation ESP 5 also improves service-level management and aligns IT with business objectives by proactively managing workload and mission-critical IT processes with its Business Service Management and IT Service Governor extensions, Cybermation ESP Business Service Manager, and Cybermation ESP Service Governor, respectively. The solution supports usability and open standards which further the company's leadership position as it provides IT Operation Managers and Application Architects the ability to create and customize with Open Source technology (Eclipse) to save a customized desktop that fits into their existing infrastructure.

Specifically Cybermation ESP 5 offers the following new capabilities:

Additional support for the Real-Time Enterprise:

  • New run-time alarms that provide real-time monitoring and allow data center managers to manage by exception.

  • More event triggers including file arrival, SAP events and JMS messages.

Extends the bounds of enterprise automation:

  • Advanced system integration allows Data center managers to control their mainframe environment from a distributed server now including advanced mainframe job restart capabilities.

  • New database integration capabilities that monitor and automate database processing with full support for database triggers, stored procedures, and SQL queries.

Continued focus on innovation with support for Open Standards:

  • The new ESP Desktop Client uses Open Source technology (Eclipse) that can be customized and extended.

Customers work with Cybermation as they are able to meet and surpass their enterprise job scheduling needs. By creating Cybermation ESP 5, Cybermation continues to provide the quality of service customers have come to expect including the most advanced real-time enterprise monitoring, IT workload automation, and innovative usability.

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