Network Instruments Unveils New Optical nTAP Line

Updated line provides link access at the lowest prices in the industry

Minneapolis, MN -- Dec 12, 2005 -- Network Instruments, a leading developer of network analysis, monitoring, and management solutions, announced today that it has upgraded its entire optical nTAP line. This new line of optical nTAPs sets the industry’s lowest price point and delivers higher port density for convenient link access for network professionals requiring complete visibility into their full-duplex networks.

Optical nTAPs now start at $295. This new price is 25 percent less than Network Instruments’ previous optical nTAP offerings, which were already at an industry-leading price point.

“Not only have we enhanced the quality of our optical nTAPs, but our prices are well below the current market offerings,” said Pete Hage, nTAP sales director. “We don’t have to depend on a third party to develop, manufacture, and ship our nTAPs, so we never have to compromise on quality or price.”

The new line of optical nTAPs is configured with LC connectors that are far more compact than the older SC connectors. This allows a single nTAP unit to support one, two, or three channels. Up to nine full-duplex links can be supported in a single 1U rack panel, a 50 percent capacity increase over prior nTAP models. nTAPs supporting different media types can be conveniently mixed and matched within a 1U panel.

Optical nTAPs are available in multiple configurations, including gigabit single-mode, gigabit multimode, and 10 Gb multimode. nTAPs are compatible with analysis tools ranging from network analyzers to forensic appliances and intrusion detection systems.

“Today’s network professionals understand that multiple points of visibility are required to effectively manage a network,” Hage said. “Seeing every bit of communication that traverses those points of visibility is crucial. In full-duplex networks, the only way to see all the traffic is with a TAP. Now, with our newest additions to the nTAP line, we’ve ensured there is a nTAP configuration to fit every network professional’s need and budget.”

TAPs are a superior alternative to the commonly used SPAN session, because unlike SPAN sessions, TAPs guarantee complete data transfer to a monitoring device for accurate analysis. A SPAN session can provide an inaccurate picture of the network because it can only transfer 1000 Mbps at a time to a monitoring device. If utilization on a full-duplex link (which can hold up to 2000 Mbps) exceeds 1000 Mbps, packets are dropped. TAPs never drop packets regardless of network conditions. Additionally, SPAN sessions do not pass error frames that traverse the network. TAPs reveal all data, including errors, to the monitoring device for complete analysis.

“Analyzing high-speed networks without nTAPs can provide a misleading picture of the network,” said Douglas Smith, president of Network Instruments. “The world increasingly depends on gigabit links, most of which support business-critical communication. If you don’t have an accurate way to access and monitor that information, you could get blindsided from a network issue at any time.”

In addition to the new optical line, Network Instruments also offers an entire line of internally developed and manufactured copper nTAPs. Next-day delivery is free for all confirmed nTAP purchases over $295 made at by noon Central Time.

For more information about the new optical TAP line, visit or call 1-877-289-6827.

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