Idealstor Brings High Security to Removable Disks with Ibac 3.0

Backup and restore software first to enable encryption on removable disks

GAITHERSBURG, MD -- January 9, 2006 -- Idealstor, a leading manufacturer of removable disk-to-disk backup solutions, announced that Ibac 3.0, a new version of its data protection software, is now available. Ibac 3.0 introduces target folder encryption and Idealstor’s Quick System Recovery (QSR) disk.

Protecting sensitive information from prying eyes even after it has been backed up has become increasingly important. Encryption is increasingly recommended and may eventually be mandated among the government, financial, and health sectors. Ibac 3.0 is unique in that it is the only solution that provides backup encryption onto removable disks, offering a faster and more reliable alternative than current solutions on the market that encrypt tape backup media.

“Stories of tapes going missing with critical data continue to come out in the news so we are proud to be the first to offer data encryption for backups stored on removable disk media,” noted Ben Ginster, Channel Marketing Manager for Idealstor.

The original Ibac 2.0 for Windows backs up data in its native format. Now with Ibac 3.0, administrators will be able encrypt their backup data using DESX or 3DES using Ibac 3.0 target folder encryption. This will prevent unauthorized users from accessing the data on the removable backup disks when they are in transit or stored offsite.

With Idealstor’s QSR, users can quickly boot up off the QSR disk in times of server failure. The disk contains a bare-bones version of Windows Server 2003 that starts the system, and then uses Ibac to restore data in a short period of time. The result is both a lower total downtime as well as a lower cost.

About Idealstor

Idealstor is the leading manufacturer of removable disk to disk backup solutions. The Idealstor Backup Appliance is a disk-to disk-backup that allows users to backup to disk and remove the disks and take them offsite just like they would tape. Idealstor is also the developer of Ibac Data Protection Software. Ibac is designed for any environment and backups up data quickly in its native format. For more information, visit

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