StillSecure Introduces Freeware Intrusion Detection/Prevention System

StillSecure Strata Guard Free uses StillSecure Strata Guard technology to block network attacks

Superior, Colo. -- January 23, 2006 -- StillSecure, provider of an award-winning, integrated suite of enterprise network security solutions, today introduced StillSecure Strata Guard Free, the latest addition to the Strata Guard suite of intrusion detection/prevention products (IDS/IPS).

Strata Guard Free is a full-featured, easy-to-install and use IDS/IPS offered free of charge. It monitors network traffic streams of up to 5 Mbps and is ideally suited to small businesses, remote office connections, and home users.

Strata Guard Free features an easy-to-use interface for quick installation, configuration, and management. Users can become well versed in IDS/IPS best practices by fine tuning Strata Guard Free on-the-fly. Specific features include a Web-based management console that provides clear, concise data on detected attacks, a variety of response options including the ability to drop the offending traffic, and deep reporting capabilities. Strata Guard Free is offered as a software appliance and can be utilized in either in- line or out-of-band mode.

Users update Strata Guard Free with the latest attack rules, which are offered at no delay, from within the product configuration screens. All rules incorporated into Strata Guard Free are managed by StillSecure’s Security Alert Team (SAT). Strata Guard Free is supported through its user community via online support forums. Product downloads, support, and other information are available at

Pricing and Availability

StillSecure Strata Guard Free is currently available and can be downloaded at For more information, visit Commercial versions of Strata Guard that offer expanded capabilities, increased performance, and live support are available on a subscription or a purchase-plus-maintenance basis. For more information contact StillSecure sales at

About StillSecure

StillSecure delivers network security solutions that protect IT business infrastructure. The integrated StillSecure suite provides preventive defense, enables compliance with regulatory information security policies, and actively blocks network attacks. For more information please call (303) 381-3830 or visit

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