nVision Software Extends Functionality of Java and .NET Runtime Environments with Integrated Software Symbionts

AppVision-CA sets standard for new category of continuous availability application solutions

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 14, 2006 -- nVision Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise continuous availability application solutions, announced today the release of AppVision for Continuous Availability (AppVision-CA) and a new category of software called software symbionts. AppVision-CA is the first enterprise application to utilize symbiont technology, which integrates directly with and extends the Java and Microsoft .NET application runtime environments, allowing businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of application uptime and availability without the need for additional programming. This revolutionary new approach allows companies to better allocate IT resources, significantly increase revenue, and provide unparalleled customer service.

A software symbiont is a software component that integrates with and extends an enterprise application's runtime environment to add new and specialized functionality currently not available. Today's Java- and Microsoft .NET-based managed application environments provide a base set of application services but lack the specialized functionality needed for high-availability, high-performance, business-critical applications.

nVision Software's new symbiont technology allows IT operations managers to transparently add new functionality to a third-party packaged application, a custom-written application, or an in-house written application without having to utilize development resources or having access to the application's source code. Software symbionts can be used to add continuous-availability features, performance-optimization features, high-level security features, or compliance features directly into an application's runtime environment without the need for custom coding.

"Today's IT organizations are challenged to provide effective management of complex, component-oriented applications," said Lisa Erickson-Harris, research director with Enterprise Management Associates. "Technologies that tap into and extend an application's runtime environment promise to broaden visibility into the health of applications and create unique opportunities for application recovery that will enhance service delivery and improve customer satisfaction."

AppVision-CA is a software symbiont designed to provide Java and .NET applications with continuous availability. Unlike application management tools that only monitor and run separately, AppVision-CA integrates directly with enterprise applications' runtime environment, adding autonomous, high-availability services that transform the applications into smart, reliable, and non-stop applications without the need for additional programming. AppVision-CA is built on proven technology, includes extensive customer feedback, and adds new functionality and features not found in any other solution available today.

"It is imperative that our Web site is always available 24 by 7. It is our lifeblood," said Patrick McCluskey, president and CEO of Exercise Friends, a popular health and fitness Web site. "AppVision-CA allows us to do just that. Recently, our e-commerce application experienced a problem. The nVision software immediately detected and isolated the problem and, as we had predefined, automatically recovered the e-commerce application; we didn't lose a single transaction. AppVision-CA also notified the appropriate IT personnel and with the detailed diagnostic information that AppVision-CA provided, we were able to fix the affected application module in less than five minutes. That is exactly the reason why we purchased AppVision-CA."

"AppVision-CA provides real value and almost immediate ROI to companies relying on Java and .NET applications to run their business," said Johnny Anderson, CEO of nVision Software. "It's crazy that businesses have to waste their valuable development resources building high availability into their applications when they should be focusing on solving business problems -- not technology problems. The only alternatives businesses have is to write high-availability services into their applications themselves -- if they have the source code -- or to use a 'brain-dead' management tool that tries to look at the application from the outside. "

AppVision-CA adds the following new continuous availability services to Java and Microsoft .NET application runtime environments:

  • Advanced Error Event Management Services: AppVision-CA detects and isolates 100% of error events from anywhere in the application infrastructure in real time, including unchecked exceptions and fatal errors.
  • Diagnostic Services: AppVision-CA collects all relevant diagnostic information from the application infrastructure in real time and in context of the error event.

  • Notification Services: AppVision-CA uses advanced filtering algorithms to notify only on the "right" errors, which significantly reduces alarm clutter. Notifications can be made using e-mail, SNMP, Syslog servers, SMS, or connectors to upstream management systems such as Tivoli, CA Unicenter, Microsoft MOM, or HP OpenView.

  • Recovery Services: When AppVision-CA detects a critical error event, it can initiate recovery actions that restore the affected application services. Recovery services can include restarting the application or application server, restarting down database servers, resetting connection pools, rerouting application traffic to a redundant server, initiating failover to redundant servers, removing or adding nodes to a cluster, or completely rebooting a server.

  • Custom Error Handling Services: AppVision-CA enables customers to write custom classes for special handling for error events or routing notifications to custom dashboards.

  • Enterprise Framework: AppVision-CA leverages the strengths of the nVision Visibility Framework to provide a single focal point for administration and event consolidation in order to provide customers a unified view of the real application health of their entire enterprise.

AppVision-CA customers will experience benefits such as:

  • Reduced financial risk: The downtime of customer facing applications leads to lost revenues

  • Improved productivity of IT personnel: With pinpoint error-isolation accuracy, IT personnel will not have to comb through pages of log files to determine where the error occurred

  • Improved customer satisfaction: AppVision-CA allows IT organizations to meet the application uptime requirements of their customers

  • Enterprise assurance: AppVision-CA is at work behind the scenes 24/7 handling 100% of Java and .NET application errors

About nVision Software

nVision Software’s mission is to develop game-changing technologies to instrument and manage business-critical applications and Web services. Since its inception, the company has developed a feature-rich suite of enterprise solutions that improve the reliability, availability, and serviceability of mission-critical applications and services. For more information, please visit http://www.nvisionsoftware.com.

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