Beta Systems Releases Harbor High-Speed File Transfer 2.4

Managed file-transfer system allows efficient and secure transfer of large data sets at ultra-high speeds

Herndon, VA -- February 27, 2006 -- Beta Systems Software AG, a supplier of high-performance solutions for mass data management, today announced the availability of Harbor HFT (High-speed File Transfer) 2.4, an easy-to-administer, managed file-transfer system optimized for today’s high data intensity environments. Harbor HFT allows organizations to quickly move large quantities of data -- reliably and securely -- with little impact to network resources.

Harbor HFT 2.4 products are hardware independent and excel at transferring high volumes of encrypted data across server and client platforms. The product suite consists of:

  • Harbor HFT Server 2.4 on z/OS -- an easy-to-use, non-disruptive means of transferring large data files at ultra-high speed, in either direction, between open-systems and z/OS file systems and applications, or between z/OS servers. Supports direct application-to-application data transfer, taking full advantage of today's fastest data-transfer technologies.

  • Harbor HFT Client 2.4 for Windows and Client 2.4 for UNIX -- installed on each open system or target z/OS mainframe, enabling data transfer between z/OS and open systems, or between z/OS systems. Client platforms supported include Windows 2000/XP/2003 Enterprise Server/2003 Data center Server, AIX HP-UX, Solaris, and LINUX. %%Harbor Transport Gateway 5.3 -- When used with Harbor HFT 2.4 products, allows additional network security using expanded data encryption. The gateway provides cost-effective high-speed communication that reduces mainframe CPU cycles (versus traditional network data movement).

Harbor HFT key benefits include five levels of compression for z/OS data movement; AES 128 and 256 encryption for secure data transfer for all HFT clients; a single point of control to monitor audit trails, transfer monitoring, and automated scheduling; and fault tolerance. The totally re-engineered Harbor HFT 2.4 results in a significant reduction in mainframe MIPS usage as well as improvements in elapsed time compared to older versions.

Harbor HFT is licensed based on the number of HFT Clients that a HFT Server will support or by usage-based pricing, where an HFT Server can be licensed based on the total amount of data moved to and from it per year.

About Harbor HFT

Harbor HFT, first released in 1998 for distributed system backup and recovery applications such as data warehousing, data mining, and disaster recovery, was developed to move data faster than other means, and supports the evolution of today’s enterprise to share large data sets across data center servers and external client applications. Organizations that conduct processes such as credit transactions, purchase order exchange, tax filing, health benefit administration, and financial reporting between offices, will gain considerable control and reporting efficiencies by consolidating onto Harbor HFT’s single system rather than using multiple FTP-based file transfer utilities.

About Beta Systems Software AG

Beta Systems Software AG (Deutsche Börse - Prime Standard: BSS) is a leading supplier of infrastructure software for enterprise-critical applications for the automation and protection of business processes. For further information visit

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