AdventNet Updates NetFlow Analyzer with Alerting and Enhanced Data Storage Capabilities

Pleasanton, Calif., February 28, 2006 -- AdventNet Inc. today announced the immediate availability of NetFlow Analyzer 5.0. The bandwidth monitoring tool now comes with enhanced data storage capabilities, threshold-based alerting, and improved IP grouping features. Along with the aggregated data, which is stored forever, NetFlow Analyzer can now store up to two weeks of raw data (non-aggregated), which can be used for troubleshooting with one-minute granularity.

The tool can automatically send alarms and e-mail when the preset thresholds are exceeded. It also provides an option to forward SNMP traps to the EMS/NMS application that manages the network. Reporting on departmental IP groups is also greatly enhanced in this release. The tool comes with in-built localized versions for Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

NetFlow Analyzer is a Web-based bandwidth-monitoring tool that collects Cisco NetFlow data exported from routing devices, to analyze network traffic and report on bandwidth usage across the network. With instant real-time bandwidth usage reports on top applications, conversations, and hosts using bandwidth, NetFlow Analyzer gives valuable insight into bandwidth usage in the enterprise without the complexity and expense involved in deploying hardware and software probes.

"We use NetFlow Analyzer on a daily basis to provide visibility of our traffic patterns within our fire-walled perimeter. It is used both as a fault-finding tool and a management tool to provide forecasting and monitoring facilities of our existing and future traffic requirements," said Garry Crothers, network engineer at Queen’s University, Belfast.

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