EVault Introduces Policy-Based Data Management and Archiving

Tiered storage support helps organizations cost-effectively manage data and meet compliance requirements

EMERYVILLE, Calif. -- Feb. 28, 2006-- EVault, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of EVault ArcWare, an archive server that offers policy-based file archiving. The new offering significantly expands EVault's integrated suite of data protection solutions aimed at the mid market.

EVault also announced the addition of new policy-based data management and archiving capabilities, enhancing its flagship EVault InfoStage online backup and recovery software and EVault ProMail managed service.

The combined solutions support file-based archiving of production servers, tiered storage for long-term archival of backup data, and e-mail and instant messaging archival for regulatory compliance.

Organizations can free space on production servers and backup vaults, minimize backup and recovery times, lower overall operational and infrastructure costs, and help meet compliance requirements.

Built on the same proven technology found in EVault InfoStage, EVault ArcWare offers policy-based file archiving for older, less-frequently-accessed files. Featuring a centralized Web-based user interface, EVault ArcWare offers fast deployment and easy remote access from any computer running Internet Explorer. The server leverages business rules to archive files from any network-accessible shared drive, while keeping the data transparently available to users.

End users can easily retrieve archived content without IT involvement by double-clicking on a link. EVault ArcWare is fully integrated with EVault's InfoStage software, supporting all of the vault features, including tiered storage.

Recent research released by the Enterprise Strategy Group confirms that organizations will archive massive amounts of unstructured content, namely work productivity files, to comply with regulations, satisfy legal discovery requests, and retain pertinent business records for future reference. The analyst firm estimates that organizations will archive over 3,000 petabytes of files in 2006 growing to over 19,500 petabytes by 2010.

"Because of this, organizations are deploying tiered storage and sophisticated software tools to efficiently manage their data and resources," said Brian Babineau, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. "Policy-based movement of data throughout its lifecycle and off-site archiving can help companies improve performance while reducing operational and storage costs."

Enhanced with new policy-based data management and archiving capabilities, EVault InfoStage now supports multiple classes or tiers of disk-based storage, and scheduled, policy- based migration among storage tiers. This enables companies to allocate backup data among storage tiers within the vault based on the value and relevancy of the data. The most recent and active backup data can reside on the highest performance storage, while less active or long-term backup data can be automatically archived to more cost effective storage mediums as the priority and usage patterns change.

Additionally, EVault InfoStage now supports Network Attached Storage (NAS), providing maximum choice and flexibility. An enhanced management console features optimized workflows and an improved user interface for ease of use.

Also infused with these new policy-based data management and archiving capabilities is EVault ProMail. EVault ProMail now includes comprehensive logging, archiving, and discovery for instant messages in addition to e-mail, enabling organizations to meet compliance and corporate governance requirements without additional investment or support. The solution also features new pre-defined reporting capabilities, and user interface enhancements for improved efficiency, as well as enhanced workflows for improved compliance review and auditing.

Availability and Pricing

EVault ArcWare, EVault InfoStage, and EVault ProMail are available now. EVault InfoStage base list pricing starts at $16,000, and EVault ArcWare base pricing starts at $3,000. For EVault's ProMail outsourced service, monthly pricing is based on the number of IM accounts, email mailboxes, amount of data archived, and contract length. For more information, please contact EVault at 877-382-8581.

About EVault

EVault meets the most stringent regulatory and security requirements with its solutions and services that include backup and recovery, data and e-mail and instant message archiving, and professional services for data protection planning, business continuity, and disaster recovery planning and testing. EVault's proprietary technology makes it easy to protect and recover critical data across a broad range of operating systems and applications. By offering both online services and software products, EVault allows customers to choose a solution that best suits their business needs.

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