SIRE Technologies Launches Auto Indexing Solution for Automated Content Management

Ideal for government organizations to improve efficiencies and save tax-dollars</p>

Salt Lake City -- Feb. 28, 2006 -- SIRE Technologies, Inc. announced a new product called SIRE Auto Index™ that vastly improves the speed and accuracy of electronic document indexing and greatly reduces the amount of human involvement required in the process.

Indexes, as they relate to content management, are commonly used to label a document and prepare it for fast and easy retrieval. SIRE Auto Index automatically analyzes documents, even in large batches, and creates indexes for each document. Traditionally, indexing software has required an extensive human validation process, which renders the concept of automation moot.

“Our unique approach to auto indexing has resulted in near-perfect accuracy among early users,” says Kris Painter, vice president of SIRE Technologies. “With the introduction of SIRE Auto Index, the rules have changed regarding content management. It simply takes less time and effort to scan, index, and validate documents, thereby boosting organizational productivity.”

Historically, optical character recognition (OCR) has been used to scan and read each individual page in a document from top to bottom, requiring a great deal of time and computer resources. SIRE Auto Index utilizes ground-breaking methods to improve productivity and save time by reading a document only until the required data is found, and no further.

Early users in the government space have seen their indexing and validation process reduced from an average of two minutes per document (using a 5 page document with 6 index fields) down to approximately 17.5 seconds (or just less than 4 seconds per page).

SIRE Auto Index can be configured to recognize and read virtually any document type, including those that are unique to an organization.

About SIRE Technologies, Inc.

SIRE Technologies, Inc. develops, delivers, and supports agenda automation and electronic content management software called SIRE (Store, Index, Retrieve, and Enable). Using SIRE, business, governmental, and educational organizations dramatically improve their information processing and utilization while reducing associated costs. For more information about SIRE, visit or call (801) 977-8608.

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