Stonesoft Introduces Internal Firewall/VPN Solution for IBM eServer zSeries Mainframes

Includes fully clustered active-active load-balancing capabilities

HELSINKI, Finland and ATLANTA -- March 6, 2006 -- Stonesoft Corp., an innovative provider of integrated network security and business continuity solutions, today announced the availability of its StoneGate™ firewall and VPN with active-active cluster functionality for the IBM® eServer® zSeries. This new release extends Stonesoft’s award-winning firewall load-balancing technology to StoneGate for zSeries mainframes by offering the industry’s first fully clustered internal enterprise firewall and VPN solution with load-balancing capabilities.

This latest enhancement of StoneGate for zSeries was developed in response to the demand in the marketplace for active-active firewall clustering and transparent connection fail over in these environments. StoneGate for zSeries fully utilizes z/VM 5.1 layer 2 functionality in order to provide active-active clustering. With StoneGate for zSeries, cluster nodes can even reside in separate mainframes and traffic can be load-balanced between them, which is useful when building hot disaster-recovery sites.

This feature is of particular importance to companies that require always-on services and for whom disruptions in connectivity are not an option. For example, financial institutions that need transactions to be flowing at all times; a disruption in connectivity while a teller is servicing a customer would have an adverse affect on customer satisfaction.

About StoneGate for IBM zSeries

StoneGate for IBM zSeries enables enterprises to protect their virtual servers and virtual networks with firewall and VPN technology to secure their data centers. It removes the need for external firewall servers between front- and back-end applications, saving costs in investment, administration, and maintenance. With StoneGate, multiple simultaneous firewalls can be supported in a virtual network environment while utilizing the unmatched scalability of a mainframe.

StoneGate for IBM zSeries is a software solution that is part of Stonesoft’s suite of network security and business continuity solutions, which also includes a family of network security appliances. Other hardware environments supported by its software solution include IBM eServer, IBM iSeries servers, and xSeries Intel®-compatible servers.

About Stonesoft Corporation

Stonesoft Corporation is an innovative provider of integrated network security and business continuity solutions. Stonesoft is a global company focused on enterprise level customers requiring advanced network security and always-on business connectivity with low TCO, best price-to-performance ratio, and highest ROI.

StoneGate™ Security Platform unifies firewall, VPN, and IPS, blending network security, end-to-end availability and award-winning load balancing into a unified and centrally managed system for distributed enterprises. Read more at

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