SIRE Technologies’ Expanded Product Suite Provides Advanced Content and Agenda Management

Version 4.1 now available for state, city, and county governments to streamline document and legislative management processes

Salt Lake City -- March 27, 2006 -- SIRE Technologies Inc. (formerly AlphaCorp) today announced advancements to its newly released SIRE solution suite version 4.1 that provides increased performance as well as an extensive list of added features and capabilities. State, county, and local governments can now enjoy enterprise-wide electronic content management and automated agenda management.

SIRE Suite version 4.1 is the most comprehensive upgrade to date and is now DoD 5015.2-STD complaint. New features include: improved security with permission settings on multiple levels minimizing the risk of unauthorized file access; the ability to arrange off-site server hosting decreasing hardware and maintenance costs; more effective document capture, including new standard features such as Auto-Index™ and enhanced zone Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Version 4.1 also offers a new, more user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI).

For existing customers, upgrading to version 4.1 is free of charge and part of the standard maintenance agreement, which covers two product upgrades per year.

"Document and agenda management needs have become increasingly complex for state and local government organizations," said Kris Painter, Vice President of SIRE Technologies. "As a result, successful implementation now requires solution providers to be more dedicated to the client’s long-term success; a sophisticated, configurable system like the SIRE Suite helps clients meet their desired results. This significant upgrade puts us at the leading edge of content management technology allowing us to continue to provide the service and technological competency our customers have come to expect."

Version 4.1 was programmed using .NET technology and includes greatly enhanced security options as well as streamlined interfaces for SIRE FileCenter™, Capture™, and Administrator™. Additionally, SIRE Capture now includes Auto-Index, and a newly designed WebCenter simplifies access from intranets and the Internet.

Agenda Plus™, SIRE’s electronic legislative management solution, integrates with Granicus, which ties live and on-demand streaming media content to agendas and includes search capabilities as well as several additional features.

Agenda Plus users can now:

  • Better manage rights-based permission levels for increased departmental control of agenda items

  • Track workflow history related to agenda items

  • Utilize customized template in all stages of the agenda creation process

  • Search for meetings with or without specific dates

  • Upload existing PDF files to an agenda packet page or agenda item

  • Enter necessary edits to meeting properties even after the meeting has been held

  • Link to the Agenda Plus Action Summary through SIRE WebCenter

Together these advancements expand upon SIRE’s promise to deliver better outcomes through increasing operational efficiencies, streamlining work processes, facilitating better data management, and integrating for ease-of-use in an ever-changing legislative landscape.

SIRE customers may choose to have the upgrade installed remotely by a SIRE installation specialist, perform the upgrade themselves, or schedule an on-site visit to execute the upgrade.

About SIRE Technologies, Inc.

SIRE Technologies, Inc. (formerly AlphaCorp) is a nationwide organization with a 23-year history of helping government and businesses solve the challenges associated with content and legislative management. With innovative, comprehensive solutions business, governmental, and educational organizations dramatically improve their information processing and utilization while reducing associated costs. SIRE handles every aspect of document management including scanning and imaging, workflow automation, records management, ERM (COLD), and forms automation. SIRE Agenda Plus is SIRE Technologies’ Total Legislative Agenda Management solution. For more information about SIRE, call (801) 977-8608 or visit

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