SRC Introduces Application to Unleash the Actionable Intelligence in Business Content

New Alteryx technology is the industry’s most intuitive data manipulation and spatial processing tool for business users

ORANGE, Calif. -- March 27, 2006 -- SRC, a leading developer of spatial business intelligence software focused on unlocking the development opportunities hidden within business intelligence content, announced today the release of its spatial database management application, Alteryx™. Designed specifically to transform business intelligent content into actionable answers and real-time results, Alteryx empowers businesses to better understand the opportunities immediately available to grow their organization and understand performance in target markets.

As the industry’s only content-neutral application, Alteryx is a robust data-manipulation and spatial-processing technology that delivers an overlay of business intelligence with geographical data. By enabling users to build and run customized data manipulation processes, SRC’s Alteryx provides corporations with the ability to access volumes of data, regardless of origin, and transform them with new and existing demographic and geographic data in an intuitive platform that delivers critical market answers in minutes.

“In the past, data manipulation processes took days or weeks to complete. With Alteryx, we are able to conduct advanced spatial processing where nearly five million records are assessed, distances between them calculated, including bounding regions, and the affiliation between them determined -- all in less than 15 seconds,” said Amy Holland, vice president of product management for SRC. “Alteryx customers are not only able to achieve impressive throughput rates and have real-time access to their analysis’, but also have zero limitations with file size or the amount of records contained within the files because Alteryx is literally limit-less.“

The rich feature sets available from Alteryx include:

  • Easy input/output options: Read and write directly to or from Oracle Spatial, SQL Server, Excel, Access or any other data format

  • Simple, artful drag-and-point graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Spatial queries: Make grids, spatial match outputs to unmatched records as well as intersection of polygons, spatial processing (cut, combine, etc.) and utilize drive times in trade areas

  • Browse and create maps: View customer and/or market data in a graphical, map format to uncover spatial relationships

  • Geocoding: Assign a longitude and latitude to any place-based content (i.e., store locations, customer addresses, etc.) using virtually any third-party geocoder %%Customizable user environment including toolbox organization, window placement and workspace configuration

Alteryx also offers the ability to bring SRC’s market leading products Allocate, Composer, and Explorer together into a single desktop or Web-based platform offering maximum cost-efficiency and flexibility for the user.

About SRC

SRC LLC is a leading developer of spatial business intelligence software focused on unlocking the development opportunities hidden within business intelligence content. For more information, contact SRC at 888.836.4274 or visit

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