Insightix Releases Enterprise Collector 2.0

New version of network discovery application expands IT asset discovery

Atlanta (April 4, 2006) -- Insightix announced today the release of Enterprise Collector 2.0. The new version establishes a new dimension for IT asset discovery by unifying both online and offline network elements.

Enterprise Collector 2.0 is the first agentless network discovery and monitoring application to continuously monitor the network and provide a complete and unified inventory of all network elements. Enterprise Collector 2.0 tracks in real-time all the elements currently connected to the network as well as the elements that were previously connected to the network but are presently detached. In combination with Enterprise Collector's alerting features, network and security managers can be alerted as elements reconnect to the network, significantly improving the value derived from unauthorized device detection, configuration management, asset management, patch management, and related IT projects that depend on IT asset information.

The new version of Enterprise Collector also includes an automatic signature generator that allows users to instantly add signatures of unique devices along with their capabilities into the signature database. All similar network elements that are subsequently detected are identified according to this new signature.

These new capabilities strengthen Enterprise Collector's ability to detect all IT assets, including unmanaged and firewalled elements, and maintain a complete inventory of all IT assets without a single unknown device. These enhancements further differentiate Enterprise Collector from traditional discovery scanning tools, which offer only partial inventory network snapshots.

"Enterprises cannot manage their IT infrastructures without comprehensive and timely knowledge of their IT networks," said Michael Dortch, principal business analyst at the Robert Frances Group. "Enterprise Collector 2.0 delivers the necessary network information to help enterprises validate what they already know and discover what they do not know about critical IT resources. The real-time knowledge provided by Enterprise Collector 2.0 can aid enterprise IT initiatives ranging from capacity planning to regulatory compliance, helping to mitigate risks and increase business value for almost every type of IT investment."

Enterprise Collector 2.0 is now available through Insightix's channel partners.

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