CiRBA Unveils New Data Center Intelligence Solution

CiRBA 3.0 delivers best in class capabilities that help IT organizations make better decisions in data center management

TORONTO, ONTARIO -- April 10, 2006 -- CiRBA Inc. today announced the release of version 3.0 of its data center intelligence (DCI) solution. CiRBA 3.0 adds powerful new capabilities as well as usability, administration, and architectural enhancements that greatly improve an IT organization's ability to manage heterogeneous data centers.

The complexity of IT environments today combined with regulatory demands makes it increasingly challenging for IT management to have the information they require to support critical decisions and manage risk. From cross-organization inventory to configuration auditing, compliance, change detection, and data center utilization, IT organizations are often managing in an information vacuum. Monitoring tools, provisioning tools, and process-management solutions are often best of breed but cover only specific platforms for specific purposes. Data center intelligence, much like business intelligence, fills a void of information required to optimally manage heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

With CiRBA 3.0, enterprises can better understand their technology inventory, how it is configured at a deep level, automate both internal and external compliance reporting, verify and validate planned changes, and more effectively allocate IT resources such as hardware and software.

"CiRBA's unique approach of providing IT management with information about heterogeneous data centers to a deep and detailed level is striking a chord with IT decision makers," said Gerry Smith, president and CEO of CiRBA. "They realize that this detailed information enables powerful analysis of the dynamics of their environments, its impact on compliance, and even asset optimization such as server consolidation. Release 3.0 advances our architecture to address the needs of those managing large-scale heterogeneous IT environments."

CiRBA 3.0 Features

CiRBA 3.0 brings advancements in usability, manageability, and architecture, raising the bar in data center visibility and intelligence. New features include:

  • Architectural Enhancements: New architecture ensures the continued ability to scale to support the largest of IT organizations while maintaining the fast to deploy, non-intrusive attributes of CiRBA. Core data is now placed in an embedded relational database to support advanced reporting features. For larger CiRBA deployments, an external RDBMS option is available.

  • Role-Based Security and Enhanced User Interface: New role-based security controls access to granular functionality, saved reports, and system information. Combined with an improved browser user interface, the new framework makes it easy to deploy CiRBA to a broad range of user types; from system and audit administrators to end users who may only view reports.

  • Windows Active Directory integration: Microsoft Active Directory synchronization now allows login using AD credentials. Microsoft Active Directory user groups and user group members can be imported into CiRBA, streamlining user management and enabling access to the application via Windows user password authentication.

  • Hierarchical Portfolios - Multi-level hierarchical portfolios allow systems to be organized in flexible and unlimited ways; for example, by business service, application, platform, physical location, and organizational responsibility.

  • Reporting Enhancements - Several improvements in CiRBA's reporting capabilities are now available including robust system search functionality to quickly find a list of systems based on a combination of name, physical location, department, and/or Operating System. New reports have also been added in the areas of compliance, security, system comparisons and extracts.

  • Administrative Enhancements - New remote agent update capabilities save time and effort by allowing remote update of Windows and SNMP agents.

Pricing and Availability

CiRBA 3.0 is available immediately, with pricing based on CPU numbers or equivalents and is licensed on a monthly basis. For more information on enterprise pricing, please contact CiRBA.

About CiRBA Inc.

CiRBA Inc. is the only supplier of solutions that enable IT organizations with the intelligence required to better manage heterogeneous data centers. CiRBA Data Center Intelligence (DCI) provides Global 3000 customers deep visibility into system configurations, changes and differences, compliance and asset utilization in order to identify associated problems, risks and optimization opportunities. For more information, visit

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