NetLib Announces New Comprehensive Solution to Data Encryption for Backup Tapes

Delivers best-in-class security for enterprises and developers, NetLib Encryptionizer offers enhanced security with automatic encryption directly to backup tapes

STAMFORD, Conn., April 10 -- NetLib, a leading innovator of data encryption security software for the enterprise and developers, today announced the availability of automatic encryption to backup tapes in its flagship product Encryptionizer(R) for SQL Server. It provides an additional level of security to backups over that of SQL Server, Windows, or any additional third-party backup tools in use.

NetLib already permits customers to encrypt their entire databases as well as encrypt SQL backups created on hard drives. Now it is possible to encrypt SQL backups sent directly to tapes without the use of additional software. Backups can then be restored only to that instance of SQL Server or another instance secured with the same key used to encrypt the backup. No operator intervention is required, and the key can be kept secret from the backup operator. Encryptionizer can work seamlessly with other backup tools to provide an additional layer of security.

NetLib, a Microsoft Certified Partner, is the only vendor in this space to offer whole database, backup, and column encryption, the most comprehensive and flexible approach to meeting demanding security requirements. Encryptionizer is a highly scalable and easy to deploy solution to meet business security requirements and now it offers automatic encryption to backup tapes -- a must-have for enterprises.

“Backups have been one of the weakest links in the security chain,” said Elisabeth Stonehill, vice president of product development and sales for NetLib. “Recent history has shown us that backup tapes are often treated carelessly so this makes it nearly impossible to help protect data when tapes fall into the wrong hands ... even if they are the hands of the backup operator.

"NetLib's industry expertise and innovative products enable a unique approach to the protection of data and intellectual property at an affordable price with minimal time and effort to deploy and administer, resulting in enterprise class security for companies and developers alike.

"NetLib's mission continues to be to create a simplified yet best in class protection for companies of all sizes because when it comes to security experience counts," continued Stonehill.

Key product features include:

  • Does not increase database or backup size to store encrypted data.

  • Keys separated from data, as recommended by audit and security best practices.

  • Fast and efficient encryption optimized for multi-processor servers

  • 100% transparent to existing applications

  • Adds an additional layer of security above Windows and SQL Server

Pricing is available on request. Encryptionizer is licensed per-server, and must be installed on each server in a cluster. Volume pricing and OEM licensing is available. Time-limited evaluation versions are available at no charge by filling out the form on our Web site,

About NetLib

NetLib is a leading innovator of data encryption security software for the enterprise and developers. NetLib offers the most scalable and easy-to-deploy solutions to protect your data wherever it resides.

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