Compuware Integrates Functional Testing Solution with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Compuware TestPartner 5.4 expands support for SAP and Java, offers ActiveData wizard and data-driven testing capability

DETROIT -- April 11, 2006 -- Compuware Corporation today introduced the new version of its QACenter Enterprise Edition functional testing solution, Compuware TestPartner 5.4. The new release offers a tight functional testing integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System and support for the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. By enabling development and testing teams to access the same testing assets to resolve errors more quickly, Compuware TestPartner improves communication and collaboration, allowing IT organizations to deliver high-quality applications more cost effectively.

Compuware TestPartner is an automated testing tool that accelerates functional testing of complex applications developed with Microsoft, Java, and Web technologies. TestPartner bridges the gap between development and testing teams while fostering a cooperative environment for problem resolution early in the development cycle.

RightNow Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, needed a test automation tool to assist in test automation planning for their CRM solution, RightNow CRM(TM). Specifically, they were looking for a functional test tool that not only supports Visual Studio 2005 Team System and the .NET Framework 2.0, but also has exceptional object recognition capabilities, non-proprietary scripting language, is easy to use, and allows for easy modular test design with a variety of verification testing checks and types.

"We evaluated nine other test automation vendors against our requirements, and Compuware surpassed the other vendors by a significant margin," said Duane Robinson, test automation manager at RightNow Technologies, Inc. "Compuware TestPartner 5.4 recognized approximately ninety-two percent more of the standard .NET Framework 2.0 objects than our previous test automation product. This will save us hundreds of hours of custom test automation development."

TestPartner's easy script and test asset reuse also reduced script maintenance time for RightNow Technologies. "Using TestPartner 5.4, scripting a common block of functionality was 15% faster than the previous product we were using," said Robinson. "Time to market is a critical factor to a product's success in the marketplace. With TestPartner 5.4, my testing team was able to shorten script development, maintenance, and execution times, ensuring we can deliver a quality product to market on time."

New features and enhancements in TestPartner 5.4 include:

  • ActiveData Wizard for Automatic Data Parameterization: The new automatic ActiveData wizard simplifies the creation of data-driven tests for less technical users, while the advanced ActiveData wizard makes power users more efficient and offers tremendous parameterization flexibility.

  • Import/Export Wizard: Includes import/export functionality that simplifies moving, sharing, archiving, and executing test assets. Command line access to the interface is also provided.

  • Integration with Visual Studio 2005 Team System and the .NET Framework 2.0 and .Object Support: TestPartner provides support for WinForm and WebForm applications created using .NET 2.0. TestPartner 5.4 also extends .Object support to this environment, enabling users to test third party .NET components using their native methods and properties.

  • Expanded Support for Java and SAP Technologies: TestPartner 5.4 now offers support for Sun Java 1.4.2 and 5.0; SAP 6.20 GUI for HTML and SAP 6.40 GUI for Windows.

  • Test Results Summary: A high-level test results summary is now available to users, enabling managers to instantly grasp whether a test passed, how long the test took, the number of check failures and more.

"Customers tell us every day that improving time to market is a chief concern. Development teams -- developers and testers alike -- need more robust solutions that improve testing productivity and facilitate the collaboration between development and testing. Delivering quality efficiently -- that's the key," said Elizabeth Maly, director, Compuware Quality Solutions. "With today's announcement, we accelerate our customers' ability to deliver high quality applications to the business."

Compuware QACenter Enterprise Edition is also a part of the Compuware Application Reliability Solution (CARS), Compuware's comprehensive quality management solution. Compuware offers Quality Solutions across the application life cycle enabling enterprises to build, test and manage high-quality applications using Microsoft, Java, mainframe, web and packaged application technologies. These solutions work together to deliver value to enterprises that depend upon mission-critical applications to remain competitive in increasingly complex and demanding business environments.

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