Fair Isaac SmartForms for Blaze Advisor 6.1 Makes Web Forms More Intelligent, Easier to Use

Upgrade integrates AJAX technology with business rules to streamline processing of customer-facing decision applications

MINNEAPOLIS -- April 13, 2006 -- Fair Isaac Corporation, a leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced the immediate availability of SmartForms for Blaze Advisor 6.1. SmartForms, a product extension to the newest version of Fair Isaac’s industry-leading rules management system, is designed to help users create customized, interactive Web-based forms that deliver more accurate data and speed to decision-making processes in customer-facing applications.

At the point of sale in a call center or self-service Web application, bad data can be costly to process. By embedding business rules directly into a Web form itself, SmartForms for Blaze Advisor allows users to develop dynamic interfaces for their applications that serve as the gateway to data capture and accurate, automated decisioning.

For example, SmartForms can allow an application to expose only questions that are most appropriate for the person completing the form, resulting in a streamlined application process and a reduced rate of incorrect or incomplete form submissions. Rules are executed in the browser itself to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming round trips to the server.

“The introduction of SmartForms for Blaze Advisor 6.1 extends the power of Blaze Advisor to the user interface and takes advantage of innovative Web technologies to deliver a streamlined decision-making process and an improved customer experience,” said Mark Layden, vice president and general manager of Enterprise Decision Management software at Fair Isaac. “As the interface to an organization’s decision process, SmartForms adds agility and processing power to ensure that data collected aligns directly with established policies and regulations.”

Building on Blaze Advisor for Java, SmartForms now leverages the speed and efficiency of Asynchronous Javascript and XML technologies (AJAX) with the standards-based display of XForms to allow business users to build smart, interactive applications. Users are able to design forms to collect and validate information inputs with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Drag-and-drop data-collecting components (such as text fields, radio buttons and drop-down menus) are used to build interactive forms that are dynamic and enforce data quality using business rules.

SmartForms for Blaze Advisor can be used across a variety of customer-facing applications where accuracy of data input is critical and where data collection and validation rules are numerous, highly changeable or complex -- such as in underwriting, account originations, customer management and collections. It validates entry in required input fields, taps the processing power of AJAX to speed response, and ensures data integrity and compliance. Applicants are able to proceed with confidence as they easily follow their progress in completing applications with a simple navigation bar, resulting in a better customer experience and a higher number of completed applications.

SmartForms for Blaze Advisor 6.1 is part of Fair Isaac’s software and solutions for Enterprise Decision Management (EDM), which combines data analytics, modeling and policy-level control to let companies define and manage their automated business systems for improved efficiency and greater profitability.

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