Zenprise 2.0 Proactively Improves E-mail Service Levels

Zenprise 2.0 predicts end user problems, identifies issues in clustered environments, and adds self-healing capabilities

Fremont, CA -- April 17, 2006 -- Zenprise, Inc. today announced the availability of Zenprise 2.0, service-management software that provides real-time, automated diagnosis and resolution of operational issues across the Microsoft Exchange environment. Zenprise 2.0 enables administrators to proactively manage the end user’s e-mail experience. Administrators can improve overall service levels by finding and fixing e-mail access problems, degraded performance, or receipt of bounced messages. With new self-healing features, administrators will receive automated, detailed instructions on how to resolve those issues occurring on the Zenprise Management Server.

“Zenprise 2.0 helps administrators proactively improve e-mail service levels," said Jayaram Bhat, CEO of Zenprise. "Zenprise turns administrators into heroes by proactively predicting and preventing end-user issues. The software will proactively identify problems that will affect your CEO’s e-mail service. That's value. Additionally, with self-healing capability, Zenprise 2.0 will automatically detect and resolve any issues with our server."

Zenprise 2.0 enables system and e-mail administrators to quickly resolve the most complex Exchange issues in real time. Using patent pending algorithms, Zenprise identifies e-mail problems in an Exchange environment, pinpoints the underlying cause, and delivers step-by-step instructions to fix the problem.

"End-to-end system management where end user performance is correlated with system level information is a capability sought after by system administrators," said David Coyle, Research Director, Gartner. "By seeking solutions that correlate end user e-mail performance with event log errors and configuration anomalies, enterprises can more proactively manage end user experience."

"Zenprise lets us work smarter," said Paul Hinsberg, Senior Server Engineer with the County of Alameda." The new version will allow us to improve e-mail service levels to our organization. Its advanced predictive capabilities give me the solutions to problems even before my end users notice.”

Core to Zenprise’s ability to automatically diagnose and resolve e-mail problems is its ability to codify Exchange expertise into software. Zenprise works with the world’s foremost Exchange experts to catalogue system errors across multiple applications, and maps these errors to their underlying causes. This information is then stored in Zenprise’s Symptom Database. The software’s patent-pending algorithms then detect errors in a customer’s environment, and automatically map these errors to the associated problems codified in the Symptom Database.

New and enhanced features in Zenprise 2.0 include:

  • Self-healing: Automatically informs customers on how to resolve issues experienced on the Zenprise Management Server

  • Identifies issues in clustered environments: Adds ability to proactively identify and resolve problems in clustered environments

  • Support for external expert knowledge: The Zenprise Symptom Database catalogs all known Exchange-related issues with their associated causes and solutions; Zenprise 2.0 supports knowledge from third party providers, including O’Reilly Media’s technical books and Microsoft

  • Enhanced prediction: Zenprise 2.0 creates a baseline of the user's environment and checks against historical performance to identify potential problems; using the Symptom Database, it can alert administrators to symptoms that will affect end users and provide solutions before the end user experiences any issues


Pricing starts at $15 per user for 1000 users, and includes support, subscription updates, and Zenprise software for as many Exchange servers as there are in the customer environment.

About Zenprise

Zenprise provides service-management software that delivers real-time, automated diagnosis and resolution of problems across the Microsoft Exchange environment. For more information, go to http://www.zenprise.com.

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