LogiXML Introduces New LGX Info TURBO High Performance Web-based Reporting Engine

Responds to critical need for highly efficient and cost effective reporting and business intelligence solution for the masses

May 1, 2006, McLean, VA -- LogiXML today announces general availability of the new LGX TURBO Engine, a specialized server that works with the popular LGX Info Server to deliver efficient and effective data availability for reporting and business intelligence analysis. The merged product, LGX Info TURBO, supports data caching as a means to increase efficiency.

LGX Info TURBO provides LogiXML reporting server with a built-in data warehousing solution that features a report-oriented approach versus a database-oriented approach. LGX Info TURBO uses the report “definition” to automatically build a report-optimized data model and perform the necessary computations in advance. This approach delivers fast and reliable data warehouse capability without the cost of developing a complex database architecture design and optimization process.

Data-rich organizations have been planning and implementing “data warehouses” for years to offer report consumers an alternative to the “normalized database” that are optimized for storing data by providing a “de-normalized” data source optimized for reporting and analysis needs. Unfortunately, in the past this typically meant adding high-cost IT staff and required limiting flexibility when making changes to database, the report or both.

LogiXML BI platform provides powerful reporting features that are easy-to-use and affordably priced. These characteristics make LogiXML to be a real choice of BI platform for the masses. One obstacle to extending BI to the masses is the additional database servers that will be needed to support the demand. LGX Info TURBO addresses this issue by taking the load away from the data servers. It also supports the ability to add as many instances of the data caching engine as needed to support demand. The TURBO engine can run on the same reporting server or on additional servers as needed.

"LGX Info TURBO is a product that not only helps boost the data access throughput for reporting and business intelligence needs, but also offers a company a way to reduce costs by eliminating the need for additional database software licenses," said Arman Eshraghi, LogiXML CEO. "LGX Info TURBO adds a powerful, yet affordable option to the market at a time when demand for data sever efficiency is increasing as more users throughout the organizations want to take advantage of powerful advances like dashboarding.”

LGX Info TURBO builds on LogiXML’s Web-based reporting and business intelligence expertise leveraging technology developed for LGX Info’s Analysis Grid. It allows report users to interactively and rapidly create customized data columns, aggregations, crosstab tables, and data filters for a virtually unlimited number of records. Integrating the Analysis Grid technology with a powerful back-end database engine provides report users with the ability to run reports on large datasets at extremely fast speeds.

LGX Info TURBO integrates the LogiXML Business Intelligence and reporting software with a proven post relational database engine -- InterSystems Corporation’s CACHÉ. The product’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) uses the advanced web service features of CACHÉ to transmit the processed data in XML format readable by LGX Info Server.

About LogiXML, Inc.

LogiXML (http://www.logixml.com) is a leading provider of pure Web-based business intelligence reporting and analysis products, offering a range of solutions that help organizations maximize the value of their data. LogiXML offers products in the three most popular reporting market segments -- managed reporting, ad hoc reporting, and OLAP reporting.

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