Terracotta Clusters Apache Tomcat for Free

Terracotta Sessions for Tomcat delivers Java clustering within 30 minutes; covalent partnership bolsters sales and marketing efforts

SAN FRANCISCO -- May 8, 2006 -- Terracotta, Inc., a developer of solutions for Java scalability, today announced Terracotta Sessions for Tomcat, the industry’s first drop-in clustering solution for the Apache Tomcat application server.

The move gives organizations a free clustering solution that meets their need for load-balanced Tomcat application servers. It also helps lower costs by eliminating performance tuning from the development lifecycle.

According to a survey by Forrester Research, Inc., Apache Tomcat is the most widely used open source servlet engine and was mentioned by 51 percent of respondents for current or planned usage.*

Typically, Tomcat users can spend weeks or months writing clustering code by hand to make Java applications in production cluster and scale efficiently. Beginning on May 16, developers can visit the Terracotta website, download and install Terracotta Sessions for Tomcat, and get their Java applications clustered within 30 minutes.

“We’re changing the way people build apps. We’re eliminating application tuning, while providing linear scale and total fault tolerance. And, we’re doing it for free,” said Ari Zilka, founder and CEO of Terracotta. “Terracotta Sessions for Tomcat is the first of many solutions that will use Terracotta’s clustered JVM technology to solve point problems for customers in 30 minutes or less.”


Terracotta Sessions for Tomcat will be available for download beginning May 16 from the Terracotta Web site. Terracotta Sessions licenses are free for all platforms for four JVMs and under. Production licenses are available directly from Terracotta. For more information, interested parties can call 888-30 TERRA, email sales@terracottatech.com, or visit http://www.terracottatech.com.

About Terracotta, Inc.

Terracotta, Inc. delivers plug-in capacity and availability for enterprise Java at runtime with no application code changes. Terracotta gives application developers and operators substantial advantages in development, deployment, and management that translate directly to faster time to market, increased return on investment, and lower total cost of ownership.

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* “Open Source Usage Is Up, But Concerns Linger”, Forrester Research, Inc., June 2005

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