Aldata Introduces Newest Version of G.O.L.D. Supply Chain Software

Atlanta, Georgia – May 22, 2006 -- Aldata Solution Inc., a leading provider of software solutions for the retail industry, today announced the newest release of its G.O.L.D. supply chain software. Containing technical and business functional enhancements, G.O.L.D. V5.0.5 affirms Aldata’s focus on retail and its position of being one step ahead in the global supply chain software market.

Building on Aldata’s robust Master Data Management (MDM), the new release of G.O.L.D. features collaborative product introduction management capabilities. Retailers will be able to use G.O.L.D. to easily share important product characteristics -- such as logistics details, product and nutritional information, and weight and dimensions -- directly with their suppliers. By providing a more efficient transfer of product information data between retailers and suppliers, G.O.L.D. will help retailers streamline new item set-up and simplify product introductions and launches.

Aldata G.O.L.D. V5.0.5 expands critical traceability capabilities to the store level. Retailers will now be able to track products throughout the complete supply chain, an important function for managing quality assurance and product recalls. G.O.L.D. helps ensure total control reliability by allowing retailers to see real-time product flow and immediately react to risks through message alerts all the way to the store.

Additional features in the new release of Aldata G.O.L.D. include:

  • Tools for managing home delivery and returns for big-ticket items

  • Open-To-Buy (OTB) management

  • Centralized management of local products

  • Additional processes for G.O.L.D. Mobile, Aldata’s Web-services software for in-store mobile operations

  • Demand forecasting improvements for sales history smoothing

Technology enhancements include:

  • Oracle 10g and Oracle RAC support

  • Linux Support: Red Hat under Itanium for the database server and Suse 8.0 and Mandrake 10.1 for the client

  • Inbound and outbound XML interfaces

About Aldata

Aldata Solution is a leading global supplier of retail software solutions. With our comprehensive range of Supply Chain Management solutions, we help retailers manage and fulfill consumer demand. Aldata is dedicated to retail, and our solutions are based on the latest technology and business practices. Visit for more information.

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