New ActiveBatch Web Server Version 5 Makes Batch Processing Management Easier Via Internet

New version supports latest ActiveBatch; features including ability to review daily activity, job instance history; access filters keep customer's object information private

PARSIPPANY, NJ -- May 30, 2006 -- Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), a leading provider of system software solutions that enhance Windows®, UNIX, Linux, and OpenVMS systems today announced the release of ActiveBatch® Web Server Version 5, the enhanced Internet client/server component to ASCI's popular ActiveBatch job scheduling and management system.

ActiveBatch Web Server Version 5 provides access to all the major components of the ActiveBatch feature set via Internet Explorer, Netscape, or FireFox Web browsers, enabling administrators to address their real-time batch processing requirements with exceptional ease and dependability.

"With IT administrators often on the go, having access to job scheduling systems via the Internet is a real plus," said Jim Manias, vice president of marketing and sales at Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. "ActiveBatch Web Server Version 5 gives admins virtually the same access to ActiveBatch they enjoy from their workstation, including the latest features found in ActiveBatch Version 5."

Leading the list of new capabilities in ActiveBatch Web Server Version 5 is a new information filter that provides additional security when working with objects. The filter reveals only the data relevant to the customer's particular object list, and only allows that person to view or change those objects to which he or she has been given access. Unauthorized users cannot see any objects but their own-a plus in complex multi-user environments.

ActiveBatch Web Server for Version 5 also monitors jobs and processes with greater immediacy. A Daily Activity View enables users to review job status, while other reports provide job instance histories and other performance details. Managers can also use the ActiveBatch web client to control all on-going operational situations and even to initiate actions.

ActiveBatch Web Server Version 5, as with previous versions, provides full operational control for creating, modifying, submitting, holding or deleting ActiveBatch objects. The platform, fully protected via strong user authentication including support for Kerberos on Microsoft Windows 2003 systems, requires only a single installation for client access, making it a quick and reliable enhancement for any ActiveBatch deployment.

ActiveBatch Web Server Version 5 is immediately available for existing and new ActiveBatch users. For more information including pricing, contact an ActiveBatch sales representative or e-mail

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