Network Instruments Announces Time-Based, Historical Analysis for Wide Area Networks, New Write-to-SAN Options for the GigaStor

GigaStor technology extended to support WAN links and now includes greater storage capacity utilizing storage area networks

July 12, 2006 -- Minneapolis, MN -- Network Instruments announced today the release of the GigaStor-WAN probe appliance. This new addition to the GigaStor family offers high-performance data collection, high-capacity storage, and time-based analysis for wide area networks (WAN). In addition to the 2 TB, 4 TB, and 8 TB capacity options, the entire GigaStor product family can now write to a storage area network (SAN) to store and collect almost unlimited amounts of data.

Network Instruments’ historical analysis technology has brought forth a streamlined approach to network troubleshooting. A unique time-based display and massive storage capacity allows a network administrator to bypass the traditional, time-consuming task of having to recreate problems. Instead, with the GigaStor, the administrator selects the time the problem occurred and begins troubleshooting.

“Our customers were searching for a tool that could monitor WAN links in both real time and back in time,” said Douglas Smith, president and co-founder of Network Instruments. “The GigaStor-WAN allows administrators to do both. Data can be reviewed in real time without stopping the continuous capture capability. Unlike competitive analysis offerings, the data is collected and analyzed on the GigaStor itself. For example, if you have a problem at a remote site, you don’t have to compound that problem further by dragging unnecessary data across your WAN.”

Writing directly to a SAN provides administrators with greater storage flexibility. This option is available for the entire line of GigaStor appliances, including Ethernet, full-duplex gigabit, and Fibre Channel platforms.

“We’ve effectively removed any storage limitations,” said Smith. “Although the GigaStor offered up to 8 TBs of storage -- the highest in the industry -- we still had clients who desired more capacity. Now for our clients with immense storage needs, the GigaStor can continuously capture and store data from even the most bandwidth-laden networks.”

Available immediately, the GigaStor-WAN is the only historical analysis tool to provide complete capture and decode of all native WAN error and line conditions. This includes congestion errors (i.e. FECN, BECN), Committed Information Rates (CIR), and Data Link Connection Identifiers (DLCI). It supports capture and write-to-disk rates of over 320 MBps (2560 Mbps), can retain up to 2 TB, 4 TB, 8 TB, or massive amounts of network data by writing to an external SAN, and can monitor up to 12 links.

The new appliance works seamlessly with the Observer® product family and reports to any Expert Observer and Observer Suite console located on the network. The GigaStor is also available for monitoring Ethernet, gigabit and Fibre Channel links. Pricing for the GigaStor-WAN begins at $16,995 for a 2 TB configuration. Pricing for the GigaStor with write-to-SAN capability is available for $35,000.

About Network Instruments

Network Instruments provides in-depth network intelligence and continuous network availability through innovative analysis solutions. By combining a powerful management console with high-performance analysis appliances, Observer simplifies problem resolution and optimizes network and application performance. The company continues to lead the industry in ROI with its advanced Distributed Network Analysis (NI-DNA™) architecture, which successfully integrates comprehensive analysis functionality across heterogeneous networks through a single monitoring interface. For more information about the company, products, technology, and NI University, please visit

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