SymphonyRPM’s Performance Management Platform Adds Advanced Graphical Indicators, Enhanced Workflow Management

Improvements allow users to broadcast reports and better direct workflows, while making it easier to visually showcase the status, results, and future impact of business decisions

Palo Alto, Calif. -- July 17, 2006 -- SymphonyRPM, Inc. today announced the release of the latest version of its platform, version 4.8, which adds improved functionality to both the analytic server and Web application segments of the platform and introduces Excel client analytic tools integrated through Web services. Based on customer feedback, the latest upgrade includes shared member enhancements, advanced graphical indicators, innovative filtering tools, enhanced Web services features, and Excel and PowerPoint integrations.

By adding capabilities such as improved workflow management, active filtering and the ability to include advanced visualizations and graphics in dashboards and reports, SymphonyRPM has further improved upon a platform that has consistently received high marks for its ability to help organizations implement forward-looking analysis, improving their ability to make timely decisions based on real-time situations -- not just historical operational reporting.

The latest version of the SymphonyRPM platform also includes features that improve the ability of users to organize and present the current performance of their business and what the expected future scenarios are. By combining new graphical indicators, such as KPI, single-cell dials and range bars, along with the ability to import and show image thumbnails or active links in the runtime grid (the ability to launch external URLs without the user having to click directly on a link), the usability of the platform is increased even further—allowing for a dynamic look into the performance of your organization that can be visualized and more easily understood.

Shared Member Workflows, Metadata Migration, Filtering Improvements and Integrations

One of the biggest improvements over previous versions of the platform is the added ability for a true “directed workflow,” where the owner can set up a master pane with certain requirements or subsets selected and then direct a path for users to go through the reports, only seeing what was selected by the user. In addition, this version includes metadata import and export capabilities, enabling users and administrators to export workspaces, scenarios, custom hierarchies, saved selections, and indicators into different working environments, helping them to easily migrate work across different instances of the platform for better efficiency in deployments and environmental propagation situations.

Another feature included in version 4.8 is the inclusion of a special filter mechanism that allows reports to be created dynamically, based on connections between certain dimensional data structures. Unlike most systems that hard code the data privilege relationship in administration modules, SymphonyRPM can also rely on the relationships that exist in the data itself to dynamically determine the data delivery privileges. This capability will provide value in organizations with high employee turnover rates by reducing the system administration activities that often result from frequent organizational change. In both runtime display and offline formats, analysis can be viewed and used with the recognizable Excel interface.

Version 4.8 of the SymphonyRPM platform includes additional analytic operations and functions, aimed at making the system easier to integrate with a company’s existing systems and programs. By adding load balancing features, queries can now efficiently run over a large number of servers in a production environment. In addition, the platform now includes a full-service Excel analytic client integrated using Web services. This analytic client provides many of the same advanced analysis capabilities as the Web version (including query building, charting, and data writeback), but does so using the familiar environment of Excel.

Shipping and Availability

Version 4.8 of the SymphonyRPM platform is available immediately. For more information and pricing, contact Bennett Indart, vice president of products, at or (800) 975-7707.

About SymphonyRPM

SymphonyRPM is an integrated enterprise platform for enabling forward-looking performance management and predictive business analytics solutions. Through its patented next generation business application development environment, the company synchronizes operational planning and execution across the organization and accelerates time-to-market and value. For additional information, visit

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