iET Solutions Raises the Bar on IT Service Management

Version 4.0 integrates strengthened change, release, and configuration management capabilities to enable a proactive approach to service management

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- July 18, 2006 -- IT managers can deliver more efficient service desk support while taking a more preventive approach to problem resolution and planning for IT infrastructure changes with iET Solutions’ ITSM 4.0. The program offers enhanced front-office service desk functions tightly integrated with back-office functions such as release, configuration, and change management to empower IT managers to be more proactive with their service management infrastructure.

Built on ITIL standards, iET ITSM 4.0 supports the process-oriented and cost-effective delivery of IT services. With the introduction of iET ITSM 4.0 also comes an update of the IT and customer service management suite iET Enterprise to version 10.0, which represents the technological platform for iET ITSM 4.0.

iET ITSM 4.0 allows IT managers to greatly improve the overall productivity of the service management function. Its front-office functions deliver fast and efficient service-desk performance while its comprehensive release, change, and configuration-management capabilities give users the tools they need for optimized back-office operations. The back-office operational processes -- release, change, and configuration management -- help IT managers better roll out changes and releases to the infrastructure and identify the root cause of incidents to quickly resolve existing problems and prevent recurring incidents related to these errors.

ITSM 4.0’s front-office functionality enhances the ability of the service desk to resolve incidents by putting information at service representatives’ fingertips to help them resolve incidents and automate many administrative tasks. The suite’s back-office capabilities provide a higher level of automation and transparency to release, change, and configuration-management processes.

Graphical CMDB Allows Accurate Diagnosis and More Effective Change Planning

iET ITSM 4.0’s graphical representation of the configuration management database (CMDB) improves both front- and back-office operations by making it easy to visualize relationships between configuration items (CIs) and graphically display dependencies to the incident or problem that’s connected to a CI. This graphical representation provides more-accurate problem diagnosis and allows IT managers to more effectively plan changes by visualizing their impact on the entire organization. With the CMDB, an enterprise can centrally control the life cycle of its IT infrastructure and gain valuable information about maintenance costs, expenses and software usage.

Critical areas of the change and configuration management were further enhanced in ITSM 4.0, and release management is included as a new application, making it possible to control and effectively perform even larger hardware and software rollouts, including their planning, authorization, and processing. The configuration management module now includes a new component structure that allows the grouping of hardware attributes. Components and attributes are separately managed, which significantly simplifies the assignment of components and attributes to configuration items.

iET ITSM was developed from the ground up to support the ITIL framework, so it provides more comprehensive support for key IT processes. iET ITSM tightly integrates each element of the ITIL framework to deliver process automation and seamlessly move information across the organization to reduce response times and improve productivity.

iET ITSM 4.0 and iET Enterprise 10.0 are now available.

About iET Solutions

iET Solutions ( develops, markets, and supports award-winning software applications for the IT and customer service management markets. Our ITSM suite is built around ITIL standards and has been verified by Pink Elephant, a world leader in ITSM education, to be compatible with core ITIL best practices. The iET Enterprise platform consists of a highly integrated, adaptable and scalable set of applications for customer service, help desk and sales automation.

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