Panda Software Launches Free Panda DesktopSecure Anti-Malware Suite for Linux Workstations

Free Panda software includes signature-based detection of malicious code, genetic heuristic engine, and powerful firewall all controlled from a single graphic interface

Glendale, Calif., July 24 - Panda Software is launching Panda DesktopSecure for Linux, a complete security suite for protecting Linux workstations. This solution is available completely free to Linux users at:

The new Panda Software solution includes signature-based detection of malicious code, the Genetic Heuristic Engine -- a new technology capable of detecting more unknown malware than traditional heuristics -- and, unlike similar solutions, includes a powerful firewall. It also has the advantage that all these features can be controlled simply and intuitively through a single graphic interface.

Panda DesktopSecure for Linux is designed specifically to meet the security demands of this operating system. It is aimed at both home users and companies with workstations running Linux. The case of companies with heterogeneous Windows/Linux environments is of particular concern, as Linux computers are not just exposed to specific threats but can also act as a launch pad for the propagation of infection to Windows systems within the local network.

The Panda Software solution protects transparently against known Internet threats -- thanks to its daily updates against the most recent malware -- and protects against those threats that have not previously been detected, thanks to the Genetic Heuristic Engine, a new technology which analyzes the “genetic profile” of each file. This makes it extremely accurate in determining whether or not a file contains malware, and reduces false positives to a minimum. Panda DesktopSecure for Linux offers real-time protection for email in the most widely used clients, including Ximiam Evolution and Mozilla.

The X-Window interface gives users full control over the firewall incorporated in the Panda Software solution, allowing them to configure communications, detect intrusions, and assign application access permissions.

Many people wrongly believe that the Linux operating system is completely safe, and therefore many users run these systems with no protection whatsoever. Linux computers are indeed vulnerable to Internet threats. It is not just a problem of the specific malicious code created for this platform, but also of users with limited knowledge of Linux whose poor configuration of the system can lead to IT attacks.

With this launch, Panda Software aims to contribute to the Linux community with a security tool that offers both businesses and home users a wide range of benefits:

  • Prevention of data loss through attacks

  • Protects your external communication, whether by email, Internet or other applications

  • Improves productivity, thanks to its ease-of-use and automatic updates

The new Panda Software solution can be downloaded free from:

Home users will also receive three months' free services and updates.

About Panda Software

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