New LGX Info Extends AJAX Support, Adds Powerful Visualization Capabilities for Managed Reporting

Updated LogiXML’s Web-based managed-reporting flagship product delivers greater value proposition, supports standards

July 31, 2006, McLean, VA -- LogiXML today released a key upgrade for its managed reporting flagship product LGX Info, as well as new versions of LGX Report Plus and LGX Report (available free via download), to offer users a better unified, pure Web-based managed-reporting environment.

The new version of LGX Info demonstrates LogiXML’s commitment to industry standards and pure Web-based operation with expanded AJAX support. Incorporating the new AJAX integration features, the new release allows portions of a page to be updated based on use actions. This approach is completely consistent with the pure Web-based approach of all LGX products. Also, the new version of LGX Info now offers advanced visualization options including Heat Maps that allow users to quickly identify trends, exceptions, and outliers in large amounts of data and can support “root-cause” analyses that identify business opportunities.

“AJAX support in the new LGX Info release demonstrates our commitment to emerging industry standards. AJAX has empowered the pure Web environment to provide a rich and interactive user interface that works via all standard browsers -- with no need to set up any software -- and on all operating systems including Windows, Linux, and OS X. This is a valuable advance in the industry and is completely in line with our approach to software,” said Arman Eshraghi, LogiXML CEO. LogiXML upgrades its entire managed reporting product line with this release. LGX Report and LGX Report Plus now include AJAX support. Heat Map visualization is only available in LGX Info.

About LogiXML

LogiXML is a leading provider of pure Web-based business intelligence reporting and analysis products, offering a range of solutions that help organizations maximize the value of their data. LogiXML offers products in all three popular reporting market segments: managed reporting, ad hoc reporting, and OLAP reporting.

LogiXML products are built on standards-based technologies for easy integration, upgraded on an aggressive schedule to maintain technology leadership, and cost effectively priced.


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