Veeam Releases Monitor for VMware Server and Workstation

Windows-task-manager-like monitor helps to identify performance bottlenecks and run virtual machine infrastructures more efficiently.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia, August 14, 2006 -- Veeamâ„¢ Software, a new provider of systems management solutions for virtual machines (VMs), today announced the release of Veeam Monitor, an application to monitor VMware virtual machines' performance and resource usage.

Veeam Monitor provides a unified view of the performance and resource usage of all Virtual Machines running on a VMware Server or VMware Workstation. Running Veeam Monitor is similar to running multiple Windows Task Managers on each virtual machine and combining the result into a single monitoring console. In addition, it provides a view of the specific usage of the subsystems such as the CPU, memory, disk, network, and pagefile.

Veeam Monitor is useful for planning, balancing the resources, identifying performance bottlenecks, and troubleshooting the virtual machines infrastructure.

"Veeam Monitor is a unique solution as it provides a bird's eye view on virtual infrastructure as well as an easy way to drill down and view general resource usage per machine, all from a single console," said Andrei Baronov, CTO, Veeam Software. "It gives VM administrators and users full control of their VMware infrastructure."

Veeam Monitor’s performance counters and graphs are given per virtual machine. Veeam Monitor collects the performance information even when it is not active. This is very useful when there is a performance problem that happened in the past and needs to be analyzed. By helping to figure out the source of reduced performance, Veeam Monitor enables user to redistribute server's resources among virtual machines to eliminate the problem, maximizing efficiency.

Veeam Monitor has 3 license types: Veeam Monitor for VMware Server, Veeam Monitor for VMware Workstation, and Veeam Monitor for VMware Workstation Personal Edition. To download free evaluation trial please visit:

The price of Veeam Monitor for VMware Server is $200 and Veeam Monitor for VMware Workstation is $30. Veeam Monitor for VMware Workstation is free for personal use.

Learn more about the products at

About Veeam Software Veeam Software, Inc. creates products for VM infrastructure management. The first product, Veeam Monitor, puts user's virtual machines performance information at his/her fingertips. The next product, currently in beta, Veeam Scanner, enables the user to scan and automatically discover and enumerate virtual machines within an enterprise infrastructure.

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