Movidis Unveils High-Performance x16 Server for the Enterprise

Multi-purpose Revolution x16 Server provides unmatched performance, security, and power efficiency for networked storage, secure Web transactions, databases

San Francisco -- August 15, 2006 -- Movidis, Inc. today announced a new server that offers market-leading performance, security, and power-efficiency. The Revolution x16 Servers provide a single architecture for high-performance networked storage, secure Web transactions, databases and applications running in the datacenter or at the edge of the network. By eliminating the need for single function servers, the Revolution saves users time and money.

“We built the Revolution with the idea that servers can perform more than one function and should be able to achieve very high performance without the cost and complexity of today’s conventional servers,” said Ken Goldsholl, CEO of Movidis. "To achieve this goal, we needed to use a different processor -- one that is fast, with integrated silicon for accelerating the common compute-intensive functions in most server applications. We could also see that reducing power consumption was becoming increasingly important, and that it needed to be an order of magnitude improvement over existing servers. As a result, the Revolution offers a single architecture capable of economically performing the most common server functions - networked storage and Web and database servers, with integrated security and drastically reduced power consumption."

Unlike the old-style processor incumbent in most of today’s servers, the Revolution leverages a new chip that is designed to run as quickly and efficiently as users’ servers demand. To achieve this, the Revolution uses the powerful OCTEONTM CN3860, a 16-core, 64-bit MIPS processor, which can execute almost 20 billion instructions per second.

Built for Performance, Power, Security, and Open Source

Key features include:

  • Performance: With 16 cores and the ability to execute almost 20 billion instructions per second, the Revolution offers unparalleled, multi-purpose performance.

  • Power: Consuming just 50 watts, the Revolution dramatically reduces operating power and cooling requirements.

  • Security: The Revolution server’s OCTEON includes integrated accelerators that perform encryption, compression, and TCP packet processing in hardware, making it incredibly secure and fast.

  • Open source built-in: The Revolution ships with Linux burned into the on-board flash, along with development tools and applications pre-installed and ready to run on the internal hard drives. Additionally, it’s loaded with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python to offer core programs for Web and e-commerce servers, as well as the widely accepted open source database software MySQL and PostgreSQL on the standard production build.

Revolution x16 Servers are available in 1U or 2U rack mount enclosures, with either four or eight SATA or SAS drives, for a maximum capacity of 6 Terabytes in a single 2U RAID system. The Revolution is available now and starts at $2,995. For more information, visit

About Movidis, Inc.

Movidis Inc. develops high-performance, secure and power-efficient networking equipment to the OEM and enterprise markets. To learn more about the company and its products, visit or call (805) 496-5211 x202.

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