SeeWhy Software Releases First Free Real-Time Business Intelligence Platform

SeeWhy Community Edition allows widespread deployment of commercial-grade BI free of charge

Windsor, U.K. August 21, 2006 -- SeeWhy Software today announced the availability of SeeWhy Community Edition, the first fully functional real-time business intelligence (BI) platform that is completely free to use. Backed by an active user community and full-time product engineering team, SeeWhy Community Edition allows software developers, business analysts and technical enthusiasts to rapidly develop and deploy commercial-grade, real-time BI applications. The platform is immediately available for download at

SeeWhy Community Edition is built on the same enterprise-quality platform that underpins SeeWhy Enterprise Edition, which was released in June, 2006, and has quickly garnered industry and enterprise interest. SeeWhy's unique technology and approach allow real-time metrics and corresponding alerts and actions to be built-directly from event streams, databases, or the network-into business applications. SeeWhy Community Edition also provides powerful analytics that are capable of providing “actionable insight” automatically during the business day.

SeeWhy is the first company to deliver products that demonstrate the power of BI 2.0 -- the next generation of BI technology. As a result, organizations can react to issues and capitalize on opportunities in real time. In contrast, traditional query-based BI tools rely on out-of-date data with limited ability to help users understand and manage current real-time business operations.

Charles Nicholls, CEO of SeeWhy Software, said: "There's no shortage of data generated by the typical organization. However, for far too long, businesses haven't been able to make sense of the data gathered. What's been missing is a way to deliver actionable insight from this information. SeeWhy Community Edition fills that void and is an ideal starting point for organizations interested in moving to a real-time infrastructure. Community Edition is fully compatible with SeeWhy's Enterprise Edition, making it possible to upgrade as requirements grow."

The software platform can be installed in less than 30 minutes and SeeWhy offers a comprehensive free training tutorial to help developers build and deploy useful applications as quickly as possible. The company has established an online forum for registered users to discuss topics related to SeeWhy Community Edition deployment and usage. Users can share knowledge and find answers to most questions through this forum or choose an optional training course or support contract for technical assistance. Most importantly, the SeeWhy community will drive release timing and feature enhancements.

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About SeeWhy Software

SeeWhy is the first real-time business intelligence platform for the event-driven enterprise. SeeWhy continuously analyzes and interprets streams of individual business events to alert you immediately to opportunities and risks and enable everyday decisions to be automated. More information can be found at


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