3PAR Loads High-End Features into Scaled-Down Inserv E200 Storage Server

New storage array brings benefits of utility storage to mid-size deployments

Fremont, CA, August 28, 2006 -- 3PAR® introduced today the InServ® E200 Storage Server. The InServ E200, a mid-range version of 3PAR’s leading InServ S400 and S800 arrays, is ideal for departmental, replicated site and remote data center deployments. The new E200 is suitable for mid-size deployments with enterprises and service providers that demand the highest levels of availability, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness.

Leveraging the same 3PAR InForm® Operating System and software as the InServ S-Class Storage Servers, the new E-Class offers 100 percent common data management with 3PAR’s high-end platform, no-compromise Fibre Channel and iSCSI host connectivity and cache-coherent clustered controllers.

With the InServ E200, the market-leading technology of the 3PAR InSpire® Architecture is re-packaged in a new, modular form factor that scales non-disruptively from 16 to 128 drives and from 2 to 63 terabytes using 147-GB Fibre Channel, 300-GB Fibre Channel and/or 500-GB Nearline drives. Customers can leverage broad connectivity options with 4 to 12 Fibre Channel host ports in conjunction with four optional iSCSI ports.

The InServ E200 features the InSpire Architecture's "single-system" cache-coherent cluster technology, whereby redundant E200 Controller Nodes simultaneously service and export all storage volumes in a load-balanced manner. Customers eliminate the storage configuration and planning headaches associated with traditional "active/passive" clustering technologies, which require users to effectively manage two single-controller systems within each array. E200 Controller Nodes also feature the 3PAR ASIC for fast RAID 5 as well as mixed-workload support, a technology that delivers simultaneously high transaction and throughput performance.

The same 3PAR Utility Storage software that provides fine-grained internal virtualization for the InServ S-Class is also available for the InServ E-Class. Available software includes:

  • 3PAR Rapid Provisioning: Fifteen-second provisioning of application-tailored volumes with no pre-planning. Eliminates the training, effort, and professional services required by manual system resource allocation and configuration.

  • 3PAR Dynamic Optimization: Ability to convert data volumes from one service level to another with a single command, online and non-disruptively. Eliminates manual and disruptive change processes required to align applications with data service levels.

  • 3PAR Thin Provisioning: Automatic, dedicate-on-write technology for purchasing and configuring physical capacity for written data only. Can more than triple storage utilization versus dedicate-on-allocation technologies.

  • 3PAR Virtual Copy and 3PAR Remote Copy: Hyper-efficient and simplified replication technologies that allow customers to share and protect any application affordably. This software eliminates the traditional trade-offs involved in maximizing both recovery time and recovery point objectives.

Pricing for an InServ E200 Storage Server with 2.3 terabytes of capacity and the InForm Operating Suite (including 3PAR Rapid Provisioning, Access Guard and Full Copy software) begins at less than $65,000. This configuration also includes four Fibre Channel host ports, system installation, two years of software support and a two-year hardware warranty with four-hour business day response. The InServ E200 is available in a 1- or 2-meter 3PAR cabinet and may also be installed in third-party 19” standard racks or cabinets. The InServ E200 is available immediately.

About 3PAR

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