CiRBA Releases Version 3.1 of Data Center Intelligence Solution

New features drive server consolidation and virtualization strategies for it organizations

Toronto, Ontario -- August 28, 2006 -- CiRBA Inc. today announced the release of version 3.1 of its Data Center Intelligence (DCI) solution. CiRBA 3.1 adds powerful new capabilities that improve an IT organization's ability to consolidate servers and better manage virtualized environments.

Independent analyst research identifies server consolidation as a cost-saving measure. Numerous servers that are physically distributed in several locations require a significant amount of management effort. As a result, many companies are now consolidating their systems to regain both financial and administrative control of their IT resources. According to Forrester Research Inc., typical Windows server utilization is in the range of 8 to 12 percent (“Identifying Server Consolidation Cost Savings,” Forrester Research, Inc., October 2005).

In order to deal with this waste, most organizations are employing a variety of consolidation strategies including database consolidation, application stacking and virtualization. Data center intelligence ensures decision makers have the information required to optimally execute these consolidation strategies as well as manage the consolidated environment over the long term.

With CiRBA 3.1, enterprises can better analyze the consolidation potential of their heterogeneous environments, accurately determine the opportunities for virtualization as part of a complete consolidation strategy, and better manage the consolidated and virtualized environment over time.

"CiRBA's unique approach of combining deeply detailed information about computing environments with innovative empirical analysis is a refreshing change for IT leaders,” said Gerry Smith, president and CEO of CiRBA. "They realize that this detailed information enables timely and quantitative analysis of the consolidation opportunities within their environments and the positive impact on cost and reliability. CiRBA 3.1 makes these answers even more accessible to organizations struggling with the negative effects of data center sprawl.”

CiRBA 3.1 introduces enhanced support for virtualized environments, expanded system audit capabilities, and patent pending statistical analysis of diversity and consolidation potential. New features include:

  • Enhanced Support for Analysis and Management of VMware Environments: CiRBA 3.1 automatically detects virtual machines running VMware as well as the parent/child relationships between the VM server host and virtual instances. Image cataloging and new reports list the physical vs. virtual software inventory breakdown by operating system.

  • Expanded System Audit Capabilities: CiRBA 3.1 adds audit support for the following environments: Dell OpenManage (adapter enables CiRBA to gather information on Dell Client and Server hardware), Microsoft SQL Server (adapter now supports SLQ Server 2000 and 2005 and gathers in depth database information which can be leveraged in database consolidation analysis), and JMX(adapter enables agentless auditing of major application server environments)

  • New Statistical Analysis Reports: CiRBA 3.1 identifies outliers, or configuration items that are different, in an environment by empirically analyzing the statistical diversity across pools of servers and reporting systems that deviate from the norm. This empowers IT Managers with the information required to reduce diversity and manage a consolidated environment more effectively.

Pricing and Availability

CiRBA 3.1 is available immediately, licensed on a monthly basis with pricing based on the number of audit targets. For more information, visit

About CiRBA Inc.

CiRBA is a leading provider of data center intelligence solutions. CiRBA software provides IT organizations with the empirical configuration and workload analyses required to uncover waste in the data center and identify associated consolidation and virtualization opportunities.

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