AQM Solutions Launches New Solution for Mainframe Performance Tuning

TriTune helps organizations dramatically reduce IT costs by increasing mainframe application efficiency and performance.

BOSTON, Mass., Sept. 12, 2006 -- AQM Solutions announces the launch of TriTune(TM) 4.0.00 a new generation of software for application performance management. Based on established technology created by BMC Software, the new product will replace BMC's InTune(TM) and provide organizations with the ability to dramatically reduce IT costs by increasing mainframe application efficiency and performance.

"In early 2005, AQM Solutions assumed responsibility for the development of the next generation of InTune, and as a result, the new TriTune solution delivers new and enhanced functionality and improved product quality to InTune customers", says Osman Aykut, chief technology officer of TRILOGexpert and director of AQM Solutions, Inc.

TriTune pinpoints application execution delays and presents an in-depth performance profile through an easy-to-use, interactive interface. The software provides detailed delay and execution metrics that let analysts quickly improve the performance of all mainframe applications.

The new version provides visibility into distributed technologies that leverage z/OS resources including Java on WebSphere/zOS and DB2 Distributed Data Facility. As companies continue to deploy distributed applications that access DB2 data on the mainframe, it is increasingly important to gain insight into how these applications consume and/or misuse valuable DB2 resources. TriTune also provides in-depth performance metrics on DB2 resources used to service distributed applications and provides detailed information on individual SQL statements that generate heaviest demands for those resources. This helps mainframe performance specialists and applications developers quickly and easily solve performance problems in this complicated environment.

The solution also offers powerful features such as content-sensitive online help, support for key subsystems and languages, and complete interactive functionality in one package.

Osman Aykut, chief technology officer of TRILOGexpert and director of AQM Solutions, Inc. notes, "TriTune helps performance engineers, technical analysts, and applications development teams identify and isolate inefficient processes faster and more easily than traditional manual application performance analysis products."

Automated Application Quality Management

TriTune has been specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into the Automated Application Quality Management Package, creating the most advanced software technology for measuring, analyzing, and tuning mainframe applications. TriTune(TM) pinpoints system, database, I/O, and application performance delays through an advanced interactive interface that reveals opportunities to optimize batch or online applications that use CICS, DB2, IMS, COBOL, PL/I, JAVA, Adabas/Natural, and other dominant mainframe technologies.

The combination with APC maximizes the benefits of TriTune by offering the highest degree of automation possible and eliminating over 90 percent of manual efforts. Tuning opportunities are presented automatically which can save companies millions of dollars. Together with APC, TriTune is now the market's most powerful performance tuning solution.

Through March 31, 2007, existing InTune customers who sign up for TriTune will receive the Automation Component APC for TriTune for free use for six months. As an additional bonus, those customers will receive free e-mail and telephone support and free maintenance for the trial period.

About AQM Solutions

AQM Solutions (a TRILOGexpert company), is an application quality and performance management company that provides automated performance tuning and resource optimization to Fortune 1000 companies, helping mainframe companies decrease their IT operating costs significantly.

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