Original Software Simplifies Application Testing on Oracle Systems

Automated tool records keyboard-to-SQL statement-to-database communications for any application using Oracle databases

Chicago, Ill., September 18, 2006 -- As application testing on Oracle databases requires developers to rely on trial and error to determine what is happening at the database level, valuable time and resources are spent making best-guess corrective measures. Original Software today unveiled a solution that allows Oracle development teams to quickly and accurately map all interactions from “keystroke” through SQL statement generation to the database and back again.

TestBench for Oracle captures when a statement has been raised, captures its content, and maps and verifies what is happening at the database level. The release is the latest development in the company's “total testing” philosophy for applications running on any platform.

Built to test any application running on an Oracle database, TestBench for Oracle provides users with a wide range of data handling facilities never before available for Oracle-based application testing. This includes:

  • Data protection: Ensures no data is put at risk during any testing function during the entire testing process and guarantees a consistent starting point for tests

  • Rollbacks and reusability: Enables 'do over' testing functionality for more streamlined, quicker testing without losing scripts or testing rules

  • Data scrambling: Scrambles all real data to adhere to compliance regulations that prevent customer data from being used for testing.

"Total testing is more than a philosophy -- it's a must-have practice for software development teams. It empowers QA, testing and development staff to test from keystroke to database. Now Oracle database users have the ability to put this philosophy to practical approach,” said Colin Armitage, CEO, Original Software. "As database-driven applications continue to prove their worth as critical day-to-day business tools, glitches or bugs missed due to inadequate software testing can only create costly and prolonged downtime.”

Leveraging Original Software's proven code-free testing and self-healing script technologies, TestBench for Oracle can be used by software managers, quality, or testing professionals or software developers. The tool is fully compatible with the entire line of Original Software solutions, including TestDrive-Gold for dynamic PC-based application testing.

For more information about TestBench for Oracle, Original Software, or its full line of automated software testing solutions, please call (630) 321-0092 in the U.S., +44 (0)1256 338666 in the U.K. and Europe, or visit http://www.origsoft.com. Requests for additional information can also be emailed to solutions@origsoft.com.

About Original Software

The Original Software Group provides software systems that simplify the testing of application software throughout its lifecycle.

OSG develops and markets automated software testing solutions that let organizations improve processes and application quality while simultaneously reducing the costs associated with repairing software defects. OSG offers advanced test planning, defect tracking, data extraction, automated rules-based testing and reporting solutions with user-friendly controls, award winning technical support services, and flexible educational and consulting services.

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