Splunk Launches Highest Performance Log and IT Data Search Engine

Splunk 2.1 adds distributed search, enhanced speed, capacity and performance for IT troubleshooting, compliance, and cost control

San Francisco -- September 18, 2006 -- Splunk today announced the availability of Splunk 2.1. The release adds new capabilities for distributed search across multiple data centers and geographies. With enhancements to speed, capacity, and performance, Splunk 2.1 is the highest performance log and IT data search engine for the enterprise. Splunk 2.1 can be downloaded at http://www.splunk.com

"Enterprises are dealing with mountains of IT data," said Jasmine Noel, technology analyst at Ptak, Noel & Associates. "Manually wading through terabytes of error logs and other data sources to troubleshoot problems is simply not feasible. Splunk is continuing to set the standard for log and IT data search with faster indexing, real-time search and lower storage requirements, making troubleshooting easier for companies with large IT datasets across many different systems and technologies."

Splunk's search software indexes and enables you to search and navigate log and other types of IT data generated by any application, server or networking device making it possible to achieve extreme levels of availability, meet compliance mandates and cut operations costs.

Splunk 2.1 extends the Splunk core functionality with enhanced performance, new capabilities and features.

  • Higher Performance: With average indexing speed of over 20,000 events per second on a single server, Splunk is the highest performance search engine for log and IT data, a 110 percent improvement over the previous version. Unlimited indexing speed can be achieved by clustering multiple Splunk servers together.

  • Distributed Search: Now you can achieve massive scalability across multiple data centers or geographies with Splunk‚Äôs distributed search. IT professionals can search terabytes of data a day across two, ten or a thousand Splunk servers running in different locations. Search results are conveniently merged and presented to the user in an interactive AJAX web user interface.

  • Lower Storage Requirements: Splunk now requires 40 percent less storage capacity for indexing and storing the original log or IT data.

  • Enhanced Administration: All Splunk Server settings, including new data inputs, can be configured a new Web-based administration interface.

  • Solution Bundles: Configuration packages of Saved Splunks, Live Splunks, and configurations for accessing and processing data can be created and shared on Splunk Base.

  • Expanded Developer APIs: C++, SOAP, REST, and command-line APIs have been enhanced to allow for customization, integration, and extension of the Splunk Web user interface and the underlying Splunk index and search engine.

Splunk 2.1 Pricing and Availability

Splunk 2.1 is available immediately at http://www.splunk.com. Pricing begins at $2,500 per year.

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